SRG Services Ltd CSR Initiative: Blood Drive and Awareness Campaign for Thalassemia patients.

15 Jul

JCI Curepipe was approached by SRG Services Ltd and was entrusted with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund. We were to act as an intermediate to design projects within the requirements of the company; which comprised of Health, Children and people with disabilities, while fully engaging our members and SRG Services Ltd employees in the chosen campaign.

As a first activity, in collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Services and Thalassemia Society in Mauritius, we organized a blood drive on the 8th May 2018, commemorating the World Thalassemia Day. Our aim was not solely to collect blood for thalassemia patients but also to create and raise awareness amongst the general public about this genetic disorder. In Mauritius, we have about 200 Thalassemia patients- 160 of whom need regular blood transfusions. Information about such conditions being scarce, people are not often incentivized to donate blood. Therefore, the demand far exceeds the supply.

Our team started the campaign weeks before the 8th of May, through the use of social media, mainly Facebook. We kicked-off our campaign and shared awareness posts on Thalassemia on a daily basis. With the help of Blood Donor Association in Mauritius, a talk was held on the need for blood donation and its benefits, for our fellow JCI members and the employees of SRG Services Ltd. Two members of the organizing team aired on radio ONE to garner support from the general public. The effort was also supported through the distribution of awareness brochures during the event.

On the D-day, there were over a 100 attendees with 80 being able to donate blood. The overwhelming support from the public and stakeholders alike testified of the roaring success of the event. Being the co-project director of such a campaign enabled me to learn exponentially. Hopefully, we have been able to make positive impact in the lives of other people!



Siksha Dewoo

Co-Project Director

SRG Services Ltd CSR Initiative


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