Peace Begins with Me Manual

15 Jul

The ‘Peace Begins with Me” manual was devised for the youth, by the youth. As mentioned in April’s newsletter, the main aim of creating the manual is to defeat the increasing rate of juvenile delinquency in Mauritius and promote inner peace amongst youths. The Peace Manual distribution is taking place in secondary schools and ngos that accomodate youngsters.

We have received sponsorship for 200 copies of the Peace Manual from Quad Printers.  The launching ceremony was held during the World Book Day event by the National Library of Mauritius at Trianon Shopping Centre, on Thursday 3rd of May 2018 and the Peace Manual was on exhibition for two days during the World Book day festival. Our peace warriors were present on during the weekend to sell bookmarks, which in turn promoted peace and reading habits to the attendees of the book fair.

The team has already started distributing the manuals across private secondary schools across the island. We have targeted 96 schools and 18 NGOs. By the end of June, we had handed over the manual to 16 schools and 1 NGO. We are meeting the rectors personally to explain them how to use the manual effectively with the students. We have received many positive responses on the manual and on the work that we as active citizens of JCI are doing for the society. We hope to reach this project’s set targets soon.

Distribution of Manual to London College

Distribution of Manual to Hindu Girls College

Distribution of Manual at St Joseph College

Peace Warriors at the Exhibition of Peace Manual

Peace Manual Exhibition at World Book Day Festival


Anjana Greedharee

Co-Project Director

Peace begins with Me Manual


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  1. armand

    July 18, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    thank you peace keepers, peace and tranquility is luxury these days and to nurture such values is next to perfect/ godliness