Knowledge Sharing Session with Past Presidents

15 Jul

JCI Curepipe with the very aim to increase bonding with our successors and to learn from their experience hosted a Knowledge Sharing Session with our Local Presidents. We offered our board members, members and aspiring members the floor and opportunity to interact with the past presidents.

A session full of short stories on JCI Curepipe, sharing of development opportunities, answers to our concerns and above all bonding with our fellow members, aspiring members, senators and our leaders have prevailed throughout the session. We cherished the golden days of JCI Curepipe through videos and photos slide shows.

We got more insight on our local organisation, how it was in the past and where we, as current members and aspiring members shall take it forward. We have a legacy to make JCI Curepipe sustainable and to keep our flag flying high. The Knowledge Sharing Session also helped one to reflect on the learning from JCI and on our individual growth. Each one of us present felt proud to be part of an organisation that had much to offer as life experiences.

The session has covered an array of topics but was not limited to those listed: JCI Constitutions and Policy Manuals, Know your Local Organisation, Your JCI Career Path, Mastering Project Management and  Strenghtening the bond with sponsors and partners. We would like to express our gratitude to our 2008 Local President Nazim Hansye, 2010 Local President Prashant Lallah and 2014 Local President Veenandi Lallah for their interventions on the different topics and for their unconditional support towards JCI Curepipe.

The Knowledge Sharing Session is one of the series of events that we are hosting this year to foster brotherhood in JCI Curepipe. The first one took place in March 2018 with the Local Board whereby different topics were covered. We plan to organise more such events in the coming months.

Karishma Ansaram

2018 Local Vice President


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