JCI Curepipe’s New Bloods…

15 Jul

1.Livasha Ramasawmy 

I joined JCI Curepipe at the beginning of the year. As I have my own business, it was very hard for me to meet other people, share new ideas and develop myself. I thought about doing something where I could aid my country, develop new friendships and contribute towards the idea of the greater good. So, while hunting for “this”, I stumbled upon the website of JCI, and thus found the perfect answer to my requirements. A few weeks later, I was already enrolled in a life changing journey!

I have met new people, learnt many new things, and have challenged myself in various ways that I never would have thought was possible I was thus able to get an invitation for my swearing-in ceremony in June.

I am now eager to discover more about JCI, to be amazed by its people and their stories and daring myself to taking further actions.

Thank you again for giving me this opportunity!


2.  Hemal Munbodh

Joining JCI Curepipe has been one of the best decisions I have taken so far. It is a tremendous honour to be officially called a ‘Jaycee’- a word that resonates with leadership and a sense of dedication. So far, I have been the co-project director of two projects under the SRG CSR fund initiative.

The first project saw us collaborating with Thalassemia Society and the National Blood Transfusion Service to organize a blood drive. To promote the event and raise awareness, JCI Curepipe gave me the opportunity to interact with all stakeholders in a professional setting, to write project briefs and reports and even participate on a radio programme. Throughout the endeavour, I found myself achieving more than I ever could achieve. More importantly, we had successfully collected 80 pints of blood for Thalassemia patients while raising awareness about the disease and hence impacting more than 5000 persons though our campaign.

With the remaining CSR fund after hosting the blood donation, we funded the donation of musical instruments to Lizie Dan La Main, a local NGO working for the welfare of the visually-impaired. On the 21st of June, marking the event of the music day, musical instruments including 3 guitars and 2 ravannes were donated.

I am thankful to JCI Curepipe for providing me with such opportunities. As such, I am convinced that it is no doubt one of the best platforms for any young individual wishing to contribute positively towards the community.


3. Dhatri Mishra Daby

I was sworn in as a member during the 2018 JCI Mauritius TOYP which was held on the 2nd of June. For me, being a member of JCI Curepipe is an honour. While JCI Curepipe has achieved much over the last few years, I believe that we can do more by staying true to our Creed, Mission and Vision.

JCI is a platform that helps us to create a better community and empower all the young people not only in Mauritius but also around the world. I have been working alongside other members and the board members on various projects, and I have seen the positive impacts that we can create as an organisation. I am also part of the teams of marketing, team building and the logistics team for 2019 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference which will be held in Mauritius.

JCI is one of the best platforms where one can create a better future for the coming generation. It is not only an organisation, but also a big family where we celebrate our triumphs and face problems together. It is a place where we can be ourselves and where fellow members help us in becoming better versions of ourselves. We learn how to treat people with respect, how to communicate and most importantly, how to trust our team members.

I would really like to help JCI grow not only as an organisation, but also as a platform where young people can be themselves and become better versions of what they already are.

It feels good to be part of a community where we all have the same aspirations of creating a better society for our future generation.



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