Celebration of Environment Day with children at our Kids For Peace Chapter-Association Ensam (Lakaz Zen).

15 Jul

It was a great experience to lead the celebration of environment day with at our 2018 Kids for Peace Chapter, Association Ensam (lakaz Zen) on the 9th June 2018 at Pointe aux Sables. Seeing the eagerness and faith of the kids to make their Island a better place to live was an eye opening experience.

It was a well spent day with our dynamic team. We started with a small fun quiz organized to teach them how and why one should protect the environment; and the session was followed by an interactive story telling activity to foster an environmental friendly attitude amongst the kids from a tender age.

The event was a success and the children were eager to learn and take on the challenge to contribute to protect our environment. Their eagerness and zeal gave birth to new ideas on how we can contribute daily for this noble cause.


Kusoom Dewoo

Co-Project Director

Take on the Challenge- 21 Days, 21 Green Actions


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