Best New Member Award during 2018 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference

15 Jul

Experience of winning the Award for the Most Outstanding New Member for Africa & The Middle East

I still remember the night we watched the live broadcast of the Awards Night in the 2018 JCI Africa and Middle East Conference in Cotonou, Benin. I was in between two feeds with my two week old baby and as usual the internet connection in Mauritius was not allowing for a steady retransmission. I remember distinctly the excitement and pride I felt when I saw Vice President Asha as the master of ceremony but I also felt a twinge of sadness for not being able to attend in person. After yet another cut, I saw it. I saw messages flooding in congratulating me! I had won. It had happened. I had done what I thought I couldn’t do: Winning an award at the International level and making the Mauritian flag fly! It took me quite a few minutes to realise it- and I then thought of all the hardwork that I had put into this for the past year. I thought of all the late night meetings, the endless whatsapp messages, the training sessions and all the hours of work put into it. This achievement for me is an exceptional one that makes me proud to be a Jaycee.

It comes as a culmination of an exceptional year where I fully committed to JCI- be it on a local, national and international level. I did every project, joined every committee and participated in every event where I felt I could bring some added-value to, regardless of who was organising it. I can only wish that all our members get to experience this exhilarating feeling one day too. Afterall, the more you give in JCI, the more you get. And this award is the proof!

Anishah Aujayeb-Gopal
2018 Local Secretary


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  1. Vidhish

    July 15, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    Congratulations again 2018 JCI Curepipe Local Secretary Anishah