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15 Jul

Keshav Topsy

My name is Keshav Topsy and I was introduced to JCI by my cousin, Kishan Rughobur. My primary motivation when I first joined JCI, was to know more people and to have fun during the team building activities. Surprisingly, after a few months as an aspiring member, while working on projects like the SRG Services Blood Drive, Alumni Event and Take on The Challenge-  21 days 21 green actions project, my perceptions changed. I learned a lot about JCI Curepipe, while simultaneously developing skills that I never thought I would require. This has helped me in changing myself positively in a variety of ways. As an Aspiring member of JCI Curepipe, I look forward to make a positive contribution to our society, while growing as a person and developing skills on the way.


Vedish Rajputty

My name is Rajputty Hoviresh Vedish. I work as a Financial Reporting Assistant at AB InBev. I am currently undertaking ACCA professional qualification.

I was introduced to JCI by two friends of mine, who are members of JCI Curepipe. The reason why I joined JCI contribute to the empowerment of young people around the country, and to build a better society.

I am very keen to work on various projects along with individuals who share the same dream as mine; that of creating a better environment and society for our future generation. I believe that JCI is a platform where one can grow into better individual and help those around us to be better versions of themselves. I hope that we all have a fruitful and amazing journey at JCI.


Vishwanath Petkar

My name is Vishwanath Petkar and I currently am a prospective University student.

I first learned about JCI Curepipe via the Internet. Having concluded my schooling the previous year and thus being free at home-stuck, I felt lazy and unproductive. This thus encouraged me to step up and take initiative to join JCI Curepipe and contribute to the community.

Being an organization devoted to development opportunities,  youth development and community service, JCI Curepipe just seemed to be the perfect fit to my search. The more I learn about JCI and its work, the more enchanted I am by it. As I just joined the team of aspiring members of JCI Curepipe, I am yet to contribute fully to any project significantly. I am part of the 2018 JCI Mauritius COC Academy project and there are a few events that seems to be extremely inviting that I hope to join soon

As a part of the JCI family, I hope to contribute further in our effort to fight for a better and more inclusive society of tomorrow. As Gandhi once said, “leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people”; I thus hope to build new bonds with fellow members and achieve the most I can out of this incredible experience.




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