2018 JCI Mauritius Public Speaking Championship 1st Runner Up

15 Jul

Joining the public speaking championship in April 2018, has been a major personal challenge.

It had been years since I did a presentation or simply voiced out my thoughts on any particular subject in front of so many pairs of eyes!

However, I am very grateful for all the supports I received from the JCI family including the public speaking training by Dr. Vedita Cowaloosur, through the quick networking after the training, and the public speaking toolkit without which, I would certainly not have been ready to face all these other amazing and confident participants.

If I can share some tips with you, it would be as follows;

  1. Write something in which you really believe in,
  2. Practice voicing it out, as much as you can,
  3. And, just enjoy the moment when it is time to do the challenge.

It was indeed a big sweet surprise when they announced that I was the first runner up for the championship!


Livasha Ramasawmy


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