TOYP 2015 – Bonding JCI Mauritius

28 Dec
This year, for its 29th edition and to celebrate the 100 years of positive impact of JCI worldwide, the 2015 JCI Mauritius The Outstanding Young Person Award was launched on the 15th of April 2015 at IBL House, Caudan. (IBL Group was our Platinum Sponsor for this year’s event)
As it stands, the project by itself kicked-off in late February with a group of people working together for the first time. Yet, today that group has turned into a dedicated and performing team; for which we are all grateful. After some highs and lows, the team has completed the first part of the project by meeting the international deadline for the submission of 3 best candidates to JCI Worlwide on Tuesday 26th of May 2015.
The first part was then over and the team began the preparations for the Awards Night which was held on Saturday 4th of July 2015 at Le Meridien Hotel. This is when more members from all local chapters joined the team in the truest sense of brotherhood; the JCI way. This part came with its own ups and downs; yet the team remained strong and we grew through the challenges together. As time drew closer to the Awards Night, the 2015 JCI Mauritius TOYP nominees became more impatient. Through our online campaign introducing the latter, we shed the light on the booming potential of our young generation. Together with the general public, we saw this possibility of a better world in their actions and this was enough to soothe our hearts. We started to believe again in the basics of humanity; that man was born to be good and that when nurtured properly, can work wonders.
On the 4th July 2015, the wait finally ended and the Winner for this 29th edition of JCI Mauritius TOYP was finally announced during the Awards Night in the gorgeous setting of Le Meridien Hotel.
As Winner, we had Mohammad Yaaseen Edoo as our “Perle Nou Pei”
followed by Mr Kendy Mangra (1st Runner-Up)
and Ms Anishah Aujayeb (2nd Runner-Up).
Five months after the first project meeting, the curtains fell on this amazing 29th edition of the JCI Mauritius TOYP award night. On the year commemorating the 100 years of impact by the JCI movement worldwide, we have had the pleasure to host Her Excellency Dr. (Mrs) Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, G.C.S.K, C.S.K, President of the Republic of Mauritius & Jury Chairperson of 2015 JCI Mauritius TOYP. It was indeed an honour for us to have her by our side for this great evening.
For this 29th edition, a record number of 37 entries were received and by the words of our Jury Chairperson, it was really a difficult task for the Jury members to find the “Perle Nou Pei”. After due deliberation, it was time to recognize the “Perle Nou Pei”.
Without the support of many, this journey would not have been possible. The hard work of the awesome team members with the mentoring of our National Vice-President Asha Auckloo finally bore its fruits and we are really thankful to those who have helped us in this endeavour.
A special thanks goes towards our Platinum Sponsor IBL Group for having believed in our vision of promoting young Mauritian talents. We believe that our shared vision of creating a better society for our future generations through ethics, teamwork and creativity opens up opportunities for further harmonious and mutually rewarding relationships.
We would also like to thank our National President, National Board members, Local Board members, Jury members, Media Sponsors ION News and BlueFish, Graphic Design Sponsor uDesign, Website Sponsor and Photography Sponsor Rays n Pixels for their unflinching support throughout the project.

A special note to that little 2015 JCI Mauritius TOYP Team from me: “We started on this unknown path as unknowns but we finished this project knowing more of each other and this is what this journey really beautiful. I really liked the way we made up for the other ones when some of us could not deliver at some point. This was the real embodiment of team work. I even saw the beauty of brotherhood when the Awards Night was near and other members from all local chapters joined the team. We organised this Awards Night together and the end-product could only be superb. This was proof that all local chapters could very well work together despite differences. Within this short span, everyone irrespective of their affiliation focused more on our similarities rather than our differences and this made our core strength. We could treat the path together. Together we stood firm and we succeeded in our mission. To everyone in this team, I appreciate the genius potential in you. In YOU I believe. In EVERYONE I believe. LET’S ACHIEVE GREATER THINGS AND MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE FOR THE LORD’S CREATION WAS MEANT FOR DIVINE BLISS”

Veerendra Kooshna

2015 JCI Curepipe Local Treasurer



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