Newsletter Editor’s Message

28 Dec

Dear Readers,profile pic

I am happy to present to you the Q3-4 2015 newsletter of JCI Curepipe. It was a packed end of year with many events running closely one after the other but the year ends happily with Arvind Neergheen being nominated as a senator and JCI CYEA being awarded the Best National Flagship Program.

This edition has a variety of articles ranging from event coverages to interviews to articles from our twinning chapter JCI Vohitr’iarivo and one that is addressing a global issue. I hope that you have a good time reading all the articles.

A big thank-you to everyone who has contributed to the newsletter, as writer or otherwise.  Special thanks to Viloshna for guiding me through the whole process.

Also wishing you a happy new year,
Lokhesh Ujhoodha,
JCI Curepipe Newsletter Editor


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