Networking Dinner

28 Dec

The 12th of September 2015 marked the beginning of a new friendship and a new bonding with people sharing a common philosophy, the philosophy of service and active citizenship.

More than 100 young active citizens from several leading youth NGOS’s including Junior Chamber International Mauritius and its local chapters, Rotaract, Rotary, Lions , Global Shapers, SYAH, National Youth Council and the Rising team regrouped for a first NGO Networking dinner this year hosted by Solaris Mauritius.

The objective of this kick initiative was to induce a common line of communication, or set up a permanent platform or forum of interaction between NGOs, where there can be exchange of ideas, collaborative or syndicated initiatives and a project resource support network.

This event was an outright success. All our friends NGOs came in crowd and participated with enthusiasm. It was celebration in oneness. And from this we could derive one message : “ We are ready, let’s join hands together and impact our community with sustainable positive change as ONE”

Special thanks to Members of the National Board, JCI Curepipe Members, JCI Port-Louis Members and JCI City-Plus members who have represented the JCI Mauritius Family at this event in true spirit of brotherhood.

Let’s seize this opportunity to thank 2015 JCI Curepipe Immediate Past President Veenandi and JCI Curepipe who have been initiators of this collaboration and who firmly believed that this platform will open many doors for us while we are suffering from a low active membership.

After spending such an awesome time with our friends of the various NGO’s, with all the dancing and singing, we are convinced that this first joint initiative has set foundation to a long and lasting relationship between each one of us and pleased to share that JCI Curepipe will be hosting the next annual NGO’s networking event.

networking dinner


Veenandi Luximon

2015 JCI Curepipe Immediate Past President



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