Most Participative Member Award: Jullian Mannoo

28 Dec

Jullian Mannoo was recognised as JCI Curepipe Most Participative Member for the first quarter of 2015. The editorial team invites you to know more about Jullian through this interview.

– Who is Jullian?

julianI am Mr. Jullian Mannoo, 28 years old and I am from Curepipe.  I am a software engineer by profession and I am also a volunteer ICT educator at Lakaz Zen at Pointe Aux Sables since 2 years.  Social work is something I cherish since I was working as ICT teachers in ZEP schools where I have seen lots of children living in really bad conditions, and this has encouraged me to become a volunteer educator during my spare time once a week because I believe education (both academically and personally) is one of the key to help people living a better life.

– How did you come to know JCI?
Being a volunteer educator helped me discover what is social work, and the more I learned about it, the more eager I was to do social work not only with a group of youngsters but the community in general. One day, when one of my colleagues told me about JCI’s philosophy and activities, I immediately sent my application to join in since it was an opportunity for me to develop myself as an individual and to have a platform to collaborate to do social work.

– What is your most memorable JCI experience?

My most memorable JCI experience was my participation in the 2014 Health Day. Memorable because it was my first activity with JCI and also because during this event I had to talk upon myself to face challenging situations like doing canvassing in the street, and presenting the different services to the visitors coming to the event.

– What gives you the drive to work so hard for our community?

I love to help others and give my time for good cause, that’s all.

– Who are you most inspired by and why?

By most successful people who once dreamed big but started small, because they show character and persistent which I think all person should have if they want to succeed in life.


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