2015 JCI Curepipe Local President Message

28 Dec

Dear Senators, Members, Aspiring Members and Friendsheveen
It is with great privilege that I address a few words in our 3rd newsletter edition, as the 2015 Local President of JCI Curepipe.
Already twelve months completed. How time flies! If we look back and retrospect those
months, we have achieved a lot. The JCI Curepipe family has done a lot in creating positive
impact in Mauritius.

The major events during the past three months have been the members forum with 2015 JCI
President Ismail and the full implementation of 2015 JCI Mauritius Creative Young Entrepreneur

Members of JCI Mauritius family had the opportunity to interact with 2015 JCI President Ismail
through the members’ forum. Members were fully motivated after receiving inspiration insight
from the JCI President. We had the opportunity to understand the direction JCI is taking for the
next 100 years. I would like to thank Satiam Gokool so taking up the challenge in organizing the
members’ forum.

JCI Curepipe has also successfully completed the National Flagship program, the 2015 JCI
Mauritius Creative Young entrepreneur Awards. Several outstanding entrepreneur who are creating positive impact on their
community sent their applications. And together with a strong Jury Panel, we had recognized an
exceptional entrepreneur during the award ceremony. I would like to thank the dynamic CYEA
team for their commitment towards this project. Special thanks to 2015 Local Vice President
Tejal for taking the lead and 2015 Local Vice President Viloshna for her dedication in
completing this project. And a great thanks to Immediate Past President Veenandi for her
support and motivating the CYEA team towards success. A big bravo to the CYEA team.
JCI Curepipe elected its 2016 Local board members in October. A dynamic vibrant 2016
Local Board who will take the leadership next year. Young and passionate, they have all the
qualities to make JCI Curepipe reach the stars. I would seize the opportunity to wish them good
luck in their future JCI career. JCI Curepipe is now ensured to continue its sustainable and
positive impact in Mauritius.

As at December 2015, we have completed approximately 80% of the 2015 JCI Curepipe Plan of
Action thanks to the hard work of each JCI Curepipe member. Each member has eventually
raised themselves to help mankind. We all have been doing a brilliant job during the year. It
was great to see the dedication and motivation of all members, senators and aspiring members.
We have been working as a team in bringing JCI Curepipe to a higher standard. And we are
confident that the 2016 Local Board Elect will take our organization to new heights.
I would like to thank all the board members, members, senators, aspiring members and partners
of JCI Curepipe for their continuous support.

I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016.

Thank you
Raise Yourself to Help Mankind
Heveen Sharma KEJIOU
2015 Local President
JCI Curepipe


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