Newsletter Editor’s Message

15 Jun

Dear Readers,picture

It is with immense pleasure that we present the second edition of the JCI Curepipe newsletter.

The month of May has been very lucky to JCI Curepipe who has shined both at national and international level. We have received the Best Local OMOIYARI Project and Most Outstanding New Member Awards at the JCI Area A Conference held in Accra, Ghana. JCI Curepipe was also awarded a special recognition, for the Health Campaign 2015, for being among the first organizations to conduct the impact 100 project. Moreover, congratulations to the JCI Curepipe team who won the JCI Mauritius debate comptetion. That’s Icing on the cake!

I seize this opportunity to welcome three new JCI Curepipe Members : Anishta Heeramun, Jullian Mannoo and Satiam Gokool. I wish them a long, fruitful and amazing JCI journey.

A big thanks to my editiorial team members Lokhesh Ujhoodha and Radika Damree and to all those who have contributed to the Jaycee Eye newsletter.

Happy reading and long live JCI Curepipe!

Viloshna Sonoo

2015 JCI Curepipe Newsletter Editor

2015 JCI Curepipe Local Vice President


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