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15 Jun

It has only been a few months since we joined the JCI Curepipe family as aspiring members. I still remember the day on which the presentation and induction course were held, and how several of us were motivated to become members of JCI. But still, we were oblivious to what the missions, visions and the various accomplishments of the organisation entailed. However, the one thing that we all had in common was the motivation and determination to achieve something and to be an active member in the society. Let’s hear from some of the aspiring members, what really motivated them to join the organisation, what they wanted to achieve and how the JCI experience has been so far.


Mahendra Gunness Soonarane, 33nitin

Mahendra (also known as Nitin), student in Hospitality Management  has joined the organisation to help the society, participate in activities and events and meet new people. He also believes that being an active member of JCI will enable him to develop and improve his communication skills which will help him in his professional life as well as personal life.

 Koshal Gowrydoss, 27IMG_2188 Koshal, a doctor by profession, states that JCI has been the stepping stone for her to give the best of herself through selfless action. “As an aspiring member, I have had the opportunity to give health talks to people of all age, put forward my debating skills and meet people of different backgrounds who share the same mission and vision. I am proud to form part of such a community and i would certainly encourage more youngsters to join us on this wonderful journey,” she explains.
She highlights that her next step is to get involved in more JCI projects. “Because at the end of the day, isn’t it about the number of lives that we are able to touch?” she adds.

Lokhesh Ujhoodha, 25


Lokhesh (also known as Yog) is a Senior Software Developer/Technopreneur. He believes that everyone has a duty to do good for humanity and that JCI seemed to be in line with this philosophy. “So far, JCI has been a great experience. It has given me the chance to meet a variety of people from different social and technical backgrounds but who share the same vision,” he explains.

Radika Damree, 26


Radika is a Software Developer. She has joined JCI because she wanted to contribute in making the society in which we are living a better one. ” Since I have joined JCI, I have grown socially as well as personally. I have become a more positive and dynamic person. I have learned a lot from JCI and I look forward to use what I have learned to serve humanity,” she says.

Lakshana Sumboo, 23


Lakshana is a currently a trainee at MCB. She has joined JCI since she wanted to engage herself towards the betterment of the Mauritian society in all aspects of life. “By joining JCI, I have made many new acquaintances, new way of thinking and this has made me become more determined and dynamic,” she states.
Anuradha Jaddoo, 29anu Anuradha is a Marketing Officer at the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. She highlights that she has joined JCI because she believes that JCI is the organisation that will enable her to serve humanity.
Arun Rohamally, 28arun Arun, a barrister by profession, states that he joined JCI because he wanted to bring a constructive social change. “Ever since I have returned back to Mauritius, I have wanted to bring constructive social change in the domestic landscape. As a barrister in private practice I have tried to help those in need professionally by offering legal aid and free advisory services. However, now that I am employed in the public service, with limited time, I can no longer contribute professionally. JCI has offered me the possibility to work alongside peers who are, likewise, minded towards addressing social issues. As they say: one drop will cause a ripple; several drops will cause a wave,” he explains.
“The JCI experience has been great so far. I have participated in the 2015 JCI National Debate Championships where I have met motivated young professionals who, similarly, are dedicated to the cause. I look forward to the journey that lies ahead!,” he highlights.
We may have had different reasons to join JCI Curepipe but today we all share the same visions and work together as a team to build a better society.


Yours in JCI Spirit,

Radika Damree
Aspiring Member
JCI Curepipe

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