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15 Jun

viloshnaThe 2015 JCI Africa and Middle East Conference was held in Accra, the capital and the largest city of Ghana. This conference hosted a JCI award ceremony with award nominees from countries around the African and Middle-Eastern area.

Despite the harsh competition from not less than 25 countries, JCI Curepipe member Viloshna Sonoo was able to distinguish herself by winning the Most Outstanding New Member award. This has made JCI Curepipe as well as JCI Mauritius very proud.

Q How do you feel after winning such a prestigious award?

When I received Local President Heveen’s text, I could not believe my eyes. I had to literally read the message twice to grasp the fact that I had really won the award.  I had submitted my scrapbook without expecting to win this award. I was surprised but also very happy. When National President handed me the award during the last member’s meeting, I felt a really wonderful sense of accomplishment. Winning this award motivates me to be more involved in JCI and to be more dedicated towards the community.

Q Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University Of Mauritius and I work as a software developer. I am currently the Local Vice President of JCI Curepipe. I am attentive to detail and I am determined go the extra mile to complete every task to perfection.

My favourite author is Sidney Sheldon. I am also a big fan of talent shows like America’s Got Talent and Dance India Dance. I am a taekwondo blue belt and I also practice yoga. I love sleeping. Don’t mind if ever I do not take your calls early in the morning.

Q How did you come to know JCI?

It was around the time when I left university. I was in search of a purpose in life, to make a contribution that would be fulfilling to the community and myself. One day, I met a friend who mentioned JCI and suggested that I should join the organisation. Coincidentally at about the same time, one of my mother’s colleagues who is also a member of JCI suggested that I joined the organisation.

Curious to know more about JCI,  I attended a recruitment meeting and a team bonding activity which took place at an adventure park at Chamarel. That’s how a wonderful journey began.

Q  Tell us a bit about your journey in JCI.

I joined JCI Curepipe in June 2013 as an aspiring member. The first project in which I participated as a team member was the Health Campaign 2013 and my first event was the Awareness Session on Nutrition at Bois Marchand.

On the 3rd of March 2014 during the JCI Vice President Dinner,  I swore as a JCI member. It was a magical moment. The year 2014 has been an amazing year during which I have had the opportunity to be part of various projects and events. But two projects which will remain very dear to me  are JCI Curepipe’s Health Day 2014 and IT courses at Bois Marchand. Planning the health day helped me to empower myself by developing my communication, planning and leadership skills. I learned how to approach sponsors and how to negotiate with different partners. I would also like to thank JCI Port Louis for giving me the chance to serve people at Bois Marchand. It was an enriching experience. Then later that year, I had the opportunity to be the MC for JCI Active Citizen Day during which I also received the most outstanding new member award.

Finally in 2015, I accepted the challenge to serve as Local Vice President. As a board member you are like “pommes d’amour ki rent dan tou la sauce”. You have to be involved in all activities happening not only in your local organisation but in national and international events also.

Q  How has JCI benefited you in your daily life or at work?

I have become more extroverted and open to speaking with people that I don’t know. I am now more confident and happy because helping a cause makes me feel better about myself.

Q  What advice would you give aspiring members?

Do not hesitate to seize an opportunity when it presents itself!

Q  What are your future plans with JCI?

I would really like to attend a JCI World Congress or an Area conference to acquire international experience and meet JCI members across the world.

By Lokhesh Ujhoodha.


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  1. Kiran Bhujun

    June 17, 2015 at 9:22 am

    Congratulations Viloshna… It’s a pleasure to have seen you outgrow your initial shyness to come out with flying colours… Keep it up and keep enjoying being in JCI.

    Kiran Bhujun