2015 JCI Curepipe Local President Message

15 Jun

10846100_10204465712754289_2779836744061437378_nDear Senators, Members, Aspiring Members and Friends

 It is with great privilege that I address you once again in our 2nd newsletter edition, as the 2015 Local President of JCI Curepipe.

Six months are nearly completed and JCI Curepipe has achieved a lot. We have done a lot through our projects and activities. Since the beginning of the year, we have done many community projects.

I would like to thank the Health Campaign team for their marvelous job. They have been working hard to make this project a success. We have already organized three major activities including a mini health day at Lakaz zen and two presentations on cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Link to Life, our main partner, has delivered speech on Breasts cancer and cervical cancer. Free food was distributed to all people at lakaz zen by our partner Mauritius Soup Kitchen. That day, was a huge success for both our partners and us. We are looking forward in conducting similar projects in Curepipe and Port Louis.

Our Aspiring Member, Dr Koshal, has been delivering speech on Diabetes, Hypertension and cholesterol to senior citizen from Vacoas and Curepipe. She already have touch hundreds of heart through its inspirational speech. The Health Campaign team is indeed working really hard in creating positive changes.

A hearty thanks to the Environmental team for releasing the first JCI Curepipe android app. An android app guides us how to dipose our wastes and how to recycle our trash.

A big bravo to the Newsletter Team in publishing the newsletter on time.

I would like to congratulate the Debate team which consisted of Veerendra Kooshna, Dr Koshal Gowrydoss and Arun Rohamally for winning the 2015 JCI Mauritius Debates competition. It was a tough competition. All participants were equally good. However, our team had done their homework and had slaved away to win this competition.

During these six months, our members and aspiring members have grown a lot.  They have gained experience and knowledge in doing complex projects.  Their leadership skills have grown and their motivation is higher.  They have shown their determination and commitment in creating positive changes in our society. As Local President for this year, I am so proud of my members and aspiring members.  I would like to thank each one of them for their dedication and hard work.

We still have a lot to achieve for the coming six months. We have numerous interesting activities in the pipeline. I am confident that JCI Curepipe will achieved its action plan for this year.

Before ending, i would like to encourage our members to be more unified and work ever harder as a team.

Together Every One Achieve More.

 Heveen Sharma KEJIOU

2015 Local President

JCI Curepipe


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