2012 Newsletter Editors’s Message

30 Mar

Dear Readers,

It is indeed a great honour to be the Newsletter Editor for the Jaycee Eye and it is an immense privilege to launch this first edition for 2012.
In this issue, we will recount the various projects and activities in which JCI Curepipe members were actively involved since the end of 2011 until the 1st quarter of 2012. Two main points will be the participation of JCI Curepipe’s award winning worldwide event and also the huge success that JCI Curepipe and its members has had during the health campaign for 2011.

Moreover, JCI Curepipe which is well known for the hard work, dedication and brotherhood of its members and especially for its parties; we will have the opportunity to read an article about the organisation’s 2011 end of year party which had as theme “When Sherazade meets Desperado”” which was a huge success and undeniably a night to remember.

We will also have reviews on the “2011 Best new member”, “Strategic Planning” event, our first community project “Let’s bring sunshine to our elders: A day at the seaside” ,“National Best Public Speaking Competition Winner”, and views of an aspiring members who participated in this year’s project and newly sworn in members. JCI Curepipe members are known to be dedicated at bringing positive change in our communities and the fact that MAV won the “THIRD ANNUAL SOUTHERN AFRICA GENDER JUSTICE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT REGIONAL SUMMIT AND AWARDS” on the 7th of March and will be representing Mauritius at the summit in South Africa in April via MAV Champion Eddy Jolicoeur is just a living proof of the above statement. We will keep you posted for further updates.

A huge thank you to all the persons who contributed writing the wonderful and inspiring articles, without which there wouldn’t have been this newsletter issue.
Last but not least, I would like to thank 2012 JCI Curepipe President, Jacques David Commarmond, and the local board members for their everlasting support throughout the creation of this edition.

Yours in JCI Spirit

Akshay Servansingh
2012 Jaycee Eye Newsletter Editor


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