2010 JCI Active Citizen Day

04 May

JCI Day becomes JCI Active Citizen Day

For more than half a century, members of our organisation have spent every December 11 celebrating JCI Day – the anniversary of the day our organisation was founded on the international level in 1944.
At the 2010 JCI World Congress in Osaka, the General Assembly approved the change to JCI Active Citizen Day. When Henry Giessenbier founded the first Junior Chamber Organisation in 1915, he said his aim was to bring young people together for “everything which would make … a good citizen a better citizen.” He saw that young people needed a constructive approach to civic problems to make a difference – the very essence of Active Citizenship.

With this new name, we will continue to celebrate JCI’s rich history and focus on how we can continue creating positive change in the future.


JCI Active Citizen Day 2010

This yearly event was co-directed by JCI Curepipe Members, Pravish Ramma and Nazim Hansye. The banquet was held in the luxurious setting of The Grand Mauritian Hotel in Balaclava. During this event, awards are awarded to members and local organisations who have excelled during the year in a particular field or project.

Moreover, during this event, the elected National Board Members, Elected Local Board Members and New Members take the oath of serving the organisation.


JCI Curepipe Excels

During the event, JCI Curepipe which was represented by over 25 members, won 7 awards, which reflects the dedication, hardwork and brotherhood of all its members throughout 2010. Below is a list of the awards won:

1) Best Individual Development Program – Kiran Bhujun
2) Best Recruitment Program – Nessen Ramsamy
3) Best Member – Arvind Neergheen
4) Best New Member – David Commarmond
5) Best Local Organisation Project – Individual Development Program – Kiran Bhujun
6) Best Local Organisation – JCI Curepipe
7) 100% Efficiency Award – JCI Curepipe


Please find the views of our JCI Curepipe Member, Miss. Vida Ramkoosalsing, who swore-in on the day.


Swearing In as a New Member

JCI Active Citizen Day is an important day for all Jaycees around the world. For me, it will always be a special day as with the oath “I do solemnly swear …” I became a member of this great family who has welcomed me “à bras ouvert”.The organizing team could not have chosen a more beautiful place for this event. The Grand Mauritian hotel is indeed up to level of its reputation. Attending for the first time an official JCI event, I was a bit nervous when I heard my name being called by the Master of Ceremony. I read my oath and firmly believe in each and every word I said to start my journey as a member of the Junior Chamber International of Curepipe.Since that day, I am enjoying working with the team of JCI Curepipe on different project. There exists a great team spirit among all members and this is why the organization’s philosophy and beliefs will always remain.

Vida Ramkoosalsing
JCI Curepipe Member


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