Cycling Initiatives at JCI Curepipe

29 Sep

Cycling Initiatives at JCI Curepipe…

This year has been full of innovations for JCI Curepipe…not only in terms of projects, trainings, marketing, recruitment, but we are also constantly looking for new opportunities for members. An amateur cycle club was created in July this year. Cycle training is done every Sunday in the good spirit of sport and well-being. JCI Curepipe also participated in the CIM Charity Ride last 29th August 2010. This ride was done to raise funds for 6 children who cannot be operated on the island. The 6 members who participated were:

Arvind Neergheen,
David Commarmond,
Yudish Ramsaha,
Kamal Gopaul,
Prashant Lallah,
and myself, Sabrina Hanoomanjee.

Everyone finished the race within 2 hours.

Cycle UniformsOur next event is the Deutsche Bank Cycle Tour which will be held on 10th October 2010. Please come and support us at the finishing line which will be at the Mont-Choisy football pitch. The cycle club has bought cycling material from Fit For Life, in Bambous and are currently working on a design for cycle-shirts, including the JCI Curepipe Logo which we will be proudly wearing on the day…yet another reason to come and join us and show your support.

The purpose of this CycleRace is to raise funds for local charities. If you feel prompted to contribute, please hand over any amount you want to any of the cyclists mentioned above.

More info on the cycletour website:

More to read with Jacques-David’s article below:

Cycling to Grand-BassinThis year again, the Deutsche Bank will be organizing, together with The Circle and many other partners, the Cycle Tour of Mauritius.

The Circle was formed almost eighteen years ago by Mike Underwood the then Managing Director of International Distillers Mauritius. The Circle consists of fourty businessmen who meet once a month for fellowship and to organize fund raising events for the benefit of charities in Mauritius.

In 1999 Barry Haarhoff a member of The Circle and Patrick Piat The President  of the Mauritius Cycling Federation proposed the idea of a 100 km cycle tour as a fund raiser and for the promoting of cycling in Mauritius. The idea of the tour was based on a very successful cycle tour held in Cape Town South Africa each year which started off very modestly and has now grown in into a major event with 36000 cyclists participating last year.

In November of 2000 the first tour took place starting at Deep River Beau Champ and finishing at Le Morne. 275 cyclists entered the tour with the first cyclist finishing the tour in 2.25 hours and the last person finishing in 5.38 hours.

The next year the route was changed from starting at the airport,  proceeding up the east coast and finishing in Port Louis. 368 cyclists entered with the first placed cyclist crossing the  finishing line in 2.13 Hours.

In 2002 the same route was used with a total of 489 cyclist entering, with over 30 foreign cyclists taking part. Last year the number of cyclist participating to the race was 680.

In 2003, the route was changed to the starting point at the airport and going up the east coast, finishing at Mon Choisy beach in the north. This route has been used for all cycle tours since 2003 and is the same route for 2008.

The cycling Federation has had a large increase in the number of cyclists joining their clubs around the island and many charities in Mauritius have benefited from the funds raised from the event. The cycling committee is pleased that the goal of the Cycle Tour is been achieved and hope to keep the event growing each year.

Strong of its newly founded cycle team, JCI Curepipe has decided to participate in the race and we are already a good team of riders training every week, meeting on Sunday mornings at 8a.m in front of the municipality of Curepipe.

If you want to join our cause and ride for charity, and for the challenge of cycling from the airport to Choisy, then join us every Sunday morning for a fun ride in the neighborhood of Curepipe, or farther, in preparation for the race that will take place on the 10th of October 2010!

You can also sponsor our team by donating to the riders for the race. All donations will be given to The Circle, symbolizing our contribution to their Charity Causes. Funds raised from this years event will be used to sponsor the next phase at The Sunshine School at Centre de Flacq.

Jacques-David Commarmond

Sabrina Hanoomanjee


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  1. aadil

    August 15, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    I like your team and i would like to join it i like to ride bicycles and i have one but my parents who worked cannot take me for a ride and i must ride a very short distance in my yard.

  2. Shehroz Allybaccus

    January 16, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    how do i do to join the team? thnx