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15 Jul


Every 60 seconds a child dies of malaria. In 2008, it was every 30 seconds and JCI members have been part of the fight to save lives and change this statistic. Improvement has been achieved, but even one child dying of malaria is too many. We must continue our commitment to sending insecticide-treated bed nets to sub-Saharan Africa to protect all at risk of a malaria-transmitting mosquito bite.

Partnered with the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign since 2008, this year brings exciting new programs and opportunities for active citizens to continue their fight against malaria.

With over 660,000 deaths every year, Malaria is a pandemic currently devastating population on the African continent in countries ranging from South Sudan to Chad, and Madagascar to Sierra Leone.

Thanks to Nothing But Nets, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation, millions of lives in Africa have been saved through their program to provide long-lasting, insecticide-treated nets to children and families. As a proud and active Nothing But Nets partner, JCI runs a campaign called JCI Nothing But Nets. Through the campaign, JCI members raise funds to send mosquito nets to Africa and educate children and their families on the correct use and care of the nets. While your nation may not be affected by widespread malaria, 40% of people in the world live in countries that are. And they need your help.

For every $10 you donate, the Nothing But Nets initiative will donate one insecticide-treated bet net to a family at risk of contracting Malaria. This will protect them from Mosquitoes spreading the disease.

The journey of a bed net:


JCI Curepipe dedicates its 30th Anniversary to the Nothing But Nets through the ‘Net Impact Program.’

This year JCI Curepipe dedicates its 30th Anniversary to the Nothing But Nets through the ‘Net Impact Program’. Each month 1 member will be nominated as the Fundraiser of the month and will have the responsibility to raise funds for at least 1 net. By the end of 2014 JCI Curepipe endeavours to donate a minimum of 30 nets to help in advancing the UN MDG’s and combatting this deadly disease.

YOU can make a difference by supporting our Fundraising program and contribute for a good cause.

Insecticide-treated bed nets cost only USD $10 and protect as many as five


Take direct and immediate action now by making a quick and easy donation and helping people in dire need.

Join our cause and help make a difference: You can support us by make a donation through link below

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Jacques David Commarmond – 2014 JCI Mauritius National Secretary/2012 JCI Curepipe President

JCI Curepipe 30th Anniversary – Learn More, Act More, Become More


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