Interview with Nessen Ramsamy – 2007 JCI Curepipe President

07 Jun

Portrait of Nessen RamsamyHow did you learn about JCI?
I heard about JCI through programs such as TOYP and was later introduced in by my cousin who was a member of JCI Curepipe as well.

Currently busy with: Lecturing at the University of Technology, Mauritius and doing some consulting. I will be joining the Currimjee group in July.

One of the missions of JCI is to contribute to individual development and leadership.
What are your views on this?

JCI gives hands on experience to young citizens on how to become leaders. Through the JCI projects, the members learn to develop several skills such as personal leadership, teamwork and project management. Those skills go beyond the organisation and are useful in both one’s personal and professional life. As such JCI is a unique platform for the individual development of its members.

My Experience as a JCI Curepipe President:
My presidency year was an awesome experience. I was able to implement some of the projects I had in mind and I had to tackle a broad set of challenges that I never faced previously. But fortunately I was surrounded by a great team and together we were able to achieve a lot. It is an experience I would recommend strongly and I think this is the best leadership training one can get.


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