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07 Jun

Portrait of Sabrina HanoomanjeeDear readers,

It gives me great pleasure to launch this 25th Anniversary Newsletter, commemorating the 25 years of JCI Curepipe. This newsletter is not only a compilation of articles from our past leaders and members, but it is most importantly, a journey back in time, reminiscing beautiful memories and past events that have been the stronghold of JCI Curepipe all these years. I myself celebrated my 25th birthday last year, a wonderful coincidence that reminds me of the pride I feel in being part of the JCI Curepipe family.

My fellow editorial team members, Jacques-David Commarmond, Yudish Ramsaha, and myself wish you a pleasant journey back in time with these sharings and testimonies put together with much care and devotion in a brand new concept and design of the Jaycee Eye. I would hereby like to thank last year’s 2009 editorial team, led by Miss Astha Soniah for their valuable contribution to this newsletter.  They have been the pioneers in bringing together the idea for a silver jubilee edition of the jaycee eye, and for this, I’d like to thank them for all their help.

A huge thank you also goes to the contributors of this newsletter, without which this special edition would not have been possible. Thank you.

Last but not the least, I’d also like to thank our 2010 President, Prashant Lallah, and all the members of the 2010 JCI Curepipe LOM board, for their constant support and for their commitment in leading JCI Curepipe, as well as all the members and aspiring members who are always present for any event, for offering their precious time, as well as for using their skills and talents into bringing JCI Curepipe to new heights.

Together, let us make the difference…

Sabrina Hanoomanjee
2010 JCI Curepipe Newsletter Editor
2010 JCI Curepipe VP (PR and International)


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