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01 Aug


Heveen Best Members

CONGRATULATIONS to Heveen Kejiou who was awarded the “JCI Curepipe Most Participative Member Award” for the 1st quarter of 2013, for his outstanding participation and dedication to the organisation

Heveen alias ‘’Heaven in Hell’. In fact this symbolises Heveen’s personality as he is one of those person who seeks to find the positive in the most negative situation.

Let’s get to know more about Heveen and his passion for JCI.

Q 1. How did you come to know about JCI and when you joined?

I knew JCI through my friend Arvind Neergheen and Lenita Sooknah.

I joined JCI in September 2010 and officially sworn in as member in November 2010.

Q 2. Why you wanted to join JCI in particular.

The main reason why I joined JCI is for personal development.  Frankly speaking, I am someone who is very shy but JCI has helped me in overcoming that shyness and fear and enabled me to progress in different fields where I lacked experience among others from project management to speaking in front of a crowd.

Q 3. Tell us something about your professional background and how you manage your time between JCI and your work.

I am a Software Engineering by profession.  I work as a .NET software engineer and Microsoft Dynamic NAV technological consultant in a company that I love which is Navipartner Mauritius LTD.

For me joining JCI is more than just joining a youth organisation. It is forming part of a family, meeting  like minded people working together towards achieving a common goal.  As soon as I join JCI, I have changed my mindset from a simple lazy boy to a hardworking and disciplined guy.  The atmosphere and experiences acquired in JCI has shaped me into a better person.

So, I have taken the responsibility of dedicating my time to JCI.  But this does not happen overnight.

It takes commitment and above all, disciplinary action towards oneself.

Let me share with you how I do this.  Every day I wake up at 4 am.  I dedicate 1 hour to plan my day so that I can make the maximum of it. During that planning, I divide 20 out of 24 hours into my most important tasks: my work(8 hours), JCI (up to 4 hours) , fitness( 3 hours) and some personal activities like reading, spend time with my girlfriend among others.  This is how I manage my whole day between my work, JCI and my personal life.

Thus, I am not busy in being busy.  It’s just a little advice from me to better manage your day and be happy. When you have the passion to do something, you will always find time to do things that you want.

Q 4. What are top 3 benefits you earned by being a member of JCI.

  1. I am a more disciplined person
  2. I am more able to discover myself and my potential.
  3. Being in a circle of friends having the same objective: bring a positive change in our island.

Q 5. How as a person you had changed. Are you a more sensitive human being today?

Indeed, I have changed into a better person.  I use my time more constructively either personally, professionally or in the service of the community.

Now I am more sensitive to problems faced by the community which prompt me to take further action and help finding solutions to address these issues.

Q 6. What message or tips you would like to give aspiring members to be a successful member.

JCI is a platform for positive change not only for the community, but also for you.  If you take JCI seriously, JCI will in turn take you seriously and help you progressing ahead. It’s all about one’s mindset and willingness to bring a positive change.  Since the beginning, it is important to understand the purpose of us joining this organisation and it should be clear that we are here first and foremost to bring constructive changes to our society through collective actions.   In the beginning, see yourself as a successful member, see yourself as a better person, then you will that the world around you will materialize your thoughts into its physical meaning and soon you will become what you have thought.

Q7. Inefficient Time management is something we all suffer from, what is your advice to handle it.

Time management is an art.  This art is something you learn, not earn.  Every day, bring some small changes towards the way you spend your time.  I believe we should have a plan, for instance wake up early in the morning, ideally one hour before sunrise and use one hour to plan your day.   Write on a small piece of paper about things you have to do.  Then prioritize them.  Do things that are most important to you.  As a good practice consider using first 90 minutes of the day as soon as you reach work, to do the most important task. This is what I normally do.

Put JCI just after your work, say 1730 up to 1900. And when you take a JCI commitment you should ensure that you fulfil it accordingly and in true JCI spirit.

But what I mean seriously here, when we join the organisation, we commit ourselves to deliver as JCI members.  When we take a commitment we should ensure that we fulfil it with most dedication.

By doing so, you will not only learn to manage your time but also respect the time of others. By doing so you are certain to have more time for everything else.  It’s all about prioritising and proper planning.

Q 8.Are awards important or inner satisfaction.

Inner satisfaction.

Q 9. What are your future plans in JCI?

Aim to climb the ladders of the JCI hierarchy.  Local Vice-President, Local-President, National President and why not World President.

Dare to dream and dare to act J

Q 10. One thing which you would like to change in JCI.

I think JCI is just the right organisation.  May be  one thing that I would like to change is the mindset of JCI members and encourage more members participation and live proudly the values of this wonderful organisation we are part of.

Heveen’s message : From nobody you can become somebody. It just requires that first step from you. DARE to ACT, Join JCI.

By Vishal Nayan





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