Let’s Continue Getting Healthy!

01 Aug

team bonding

With the changing tendencies, people tend to neglect their body and this affects their mind also. JCI Curepipe Health Club was created to organise fun and healthy activities for its members and friends in order to bring back the latter on track with sports and nature.

Badminton team

The Health Club launched its weekly badminton session in March 2013, and this has been going strong since then, with increasing new participants. These sessions are being held nearly each Saturday afternoon at the Dr James Burty David, Gymnasium in Curepipe. We are of the view that the participant number will continue on increasing during the year and we encourage everyone to join us. Do y

The weekly walk organised by the Health Club are held on Saturday at 17:00 -19:00 at Trou-aux-cerfs now on to accommodate everyone who had a busy week.ou know that playing badminton has numerous health benefits as well as increase one’s longevity?


In June 2013, we had two successful events that took place. First, we had a wonderful trekking at Monvert Nature walk , located about 3 km from the city centre of Curepipe , where we has the opportunity to enjoy ‘goyaves de France ‘ and strawberry on the site.

Secondly, the most successful event was the Team Bonding event at ‘Parc Aventure’ of Chamarel, held on 16th of June 2013. Many of us who were initially scared of heights ended up being very ease with all the activities and what was surprising is that some even wanted to do it twice. The day ended up with a wonderful lunch at Restaurant Pierre Paul, we never knew that our local food tasted so good.

‘If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself ‘– Henry Ford

So guys, stay tuned for our next event coming up that will make you gain confidence and shred all the additional, unwanted toxins and fats that we have in our body.

Soovydhee Mohanpersad

2013 Health Club Director

Testimonial from participant

The Team Bonding Activity organised by JCI Curepipe was full of adventurous surprises and was sure a fun day to remember. It all started for me with ‘To jump or not to jump’ for I am usually scared of heights but the project director Soovydhee Mohanparsad encouraged me to take on this challenge for it is well said that the only way to conquer your fear is to face that very fear itself. I need say that I have no regrets to have taken this leap together with the support of my friends especially Annabelle Aza who kept encouraging me all the way with cheer-up chant ‘Allez Leena!’ this motivated me to move on to each new obstacle which was a new thrill instead of turning my feet to ‘Mo envie retourne lacaze’ cry.

leenaWe swinged along the Nepalese bridges, this was an adrenaline rush but with great views; monkeyed on the trail as some found themselves too connected with nature that made them act funny; laughed to our hearts when we had some friends who decided to be spider men but got caught in the knotted-rope nets; we had many members transformed like Batmen gliding along the zip line. We also can’t forget those Supermen who came to the rescue of damsels in distress on various occasions, to help entangling some from the knotted ropes net to setting the pace for many.

I came out as Wonder woman when I feet left the platform for the zip line with a woooohoooo all thanks to the cheerleaders from all the chapters. This is the beauty of team spirit that is the on-going and encouragement and each and every one, which made this day a day to remember!

The day ended with a hearty lunch with a dessert which got me winking to many friends well this is a secret too bad for those who missed the fun of the day.

Thanks to the team of JCI Curepipe and to all the friends of the other chapters for the exhilarating adventure and fun.

Leena Encaya Lollbeeharry
2013 JCI Port Louis Vice President



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