2013 JCI Curepipe Health Campaign – collaboration with Link to Life

01 Aug

Partnerships are an important part of accomplishing the JCI mission and vision. By engaging various stakeholders together, we can amalgam ideas, actions thereby bringing sustainable solutions and touch the lives of more people in our community and promote the value of true active citizenship.

It’s just a brief note to express our sincere thanks to the wonderful team of JCI Curepipe for the work they have undertaken and also for collaborating with Link to Life in our fight against cancer.

Partnering with JCI Curepipe has been an enriching experience; they participated with cancer patients of Link to Life in the Mauritius Marathon 2012  and 2013 held at St Felix, Bel Ombre.  The aim was to disseminate the myths about cancer and also to show that physical exercise is important and can be performed by cancer patients.

Cancer Awareness Session

We really enjoyed working with JCI Curepipe especially in our cancer awareness programmes.  JCI Curepipe helped us in organising an awareness campaign on breast and cervical cancer for the residents of Eau Coulee, Curepipe on Saturday 4 August 2012.  Their high-energy and communications was extremely valuable when it comes to sensitize people of the locality, informing them about the event. 

JCI Curepipe also organised a health day on Saturday 13 October 2012 whereby different health organisations including Link to Life were able to participate in order to promote awareness about health related issues.  I am certain we would not have been as successful in identifying and regrouping a large number of people in Curepipe for our awareness campaign on cancer without the help and support of JCI’s team.

Once again, on behalf of Link to Life, I would like to thank JCI Curepipe for their expertise, dedication and support in our activities and we hope we can count on their usual collaboration in the future, for our actions in fighting against cancer.

Selveena Moothoosamy
Link to Life


Again this year JCI Curepipe is working in close collaboration with Link to Life in the fight against Cancer and creating more awareness on Nutrition.

This year again, JCI Curepipe along with their health partner Link to life, carried out phased campaign on awareness and free vaccination program at Cite Atlee Curepipe. Infused with the passion and motto to make each girl in a family healthy, JCI Curepipe took this challenge to educate and eradicate this deadly cancer because a healthy woman makes a happy family!

During this awareness campaign girls aged between 11 and 17 were vaccinated and were educated how cervical cancer is deadly if preventive health measures are not taken.

Any girl who is vaccinated is required to take two more vaccinations total three at the gap of 2 months. 2 campaigns have been held in the lasts months and the next session is planned in November.

JCI Curepipe Team

JCI Curepipe did a survey in the region and found that there was lot of myths surrounding this disease and people were not vocal, as discussing female related health issues is still a taboo. JCI Curepipe roped in with local social workers of the region and kicked off awareness campaigns from door to door, distributing leaflets, posters in key places to reach a larger number of people. JCI Curepipe members worked for months to create this social buzz whose objective was to see every girl healthy and smiling.

A detailed presentation was made by Link to Life about the common symptoms which is abnormal vaginal bleeding, but in some cases there may be no obvious symptoms until the cancer has progressed to an advanced stage and treatment usually consists of surgery in early stages, and chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy in more advanced stages of the disease. Symptoms of advanced cervical cancer may includes loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, pelvic pain, back pain, leg pain, swollen legs, heavy bleeding from the vagina, bone fractures. Cervical cancer is very rarely seen in women less than 20 years of age so it’s not determined in early age.

During the various events held, the participants were taken through the preventive measures like screening, appropriate food consumption with particular emphasis on anti-oxidants and the objective of the vaccination programmes.

Distribution of gifts

Awareness program witnessed an encouraging trend from locals who came in strength despite misconceptions and lack of adequate information regarding cervical. “Getting cervical cancer is fate”, and “Cervical cancer is just a health issue”, these briefs mirror the myths laid out by the campaign.

JCI Curepipe distributed gift pack to each vaccinated girl, again with a wish to see them smiling always!

Vishal Nayan
JCI Curepipe Aspiring Member


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