The day I joined the JCI Curepipe Family!

30 Mar

The JCI Active Citizen Day 2011, was the day I had to swear-in as a JCI Curepipe member. Ever since I joined this organization as an aspiring member, I used to look at the other members wearing their JCI pins with such pride on meetings and events that I wished I had my own too. I knew my time would come with hard-work, dedication and patience…I would become a member of this prestigious organization and join the ranks of such wonderful people. The ceremony would be held at the Opium Restaurant, Audi Zentrum in Reduit.

Finally on the 11th December 2011, dressed in formals, all keen to swear in as a member and receive “my pin”,  I was both excited and nervous since I was the only aspiring member from JCI Curepipe swearing-in on this day. I started feeling scared knowing that I had to walk down to the front of the room and recite the oath on my own. But I kept telling myself everything will be fine. As soon as we entered the building, I started feeling more at ease and less scared looking at the familiar and friendly faces of my JCI Curepipe friends.

The evening started with the JCI Active Citizen Day Award Ceremony where I was very pleased with JCI Curepipe winning  5 awards.  After the Award Ceremony, we moved to the dining hall where we were directed to our respective tables.

I was seated with aspiring members and members from other Local Chapters. We introduced ourselves to each other and had a pleasant friendly little chat until the start of the ceremony. We were all invited to stand up and recite the JCI Creed which was followed by speeches from the National President, the Project Director and others. Finally, it was now time for the aspiring members to swear in.

At that point, I could feel the tension building up. So, I started reciting the oath over and over in my head to ensure that I don’t go wrong and don’t make a fool out of myself. I heard my name being called over the speakers and I gathered all my courage as I walked towards the front of the room. I was greeted by the smiling face of 2011 JCI Curepipe Local President, Arvind Neergheen, who made me recite the oath. I could see “my pin” on a silver tray and the 2011 National President, Ryad Subratty, pinned it to my clothes and presented me with a Certificate of Membership.

I was speechless,  I was officially a member and finally had my own pin. The pride which I felt at that time can’t simply be explained in words, I was now part of this great family that is the JCI Curepipe Family.

Dr. Yadvee Reesaul

2012 Health Club Director


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