Strategic planning January 2012

30 Mar

The strategic planning session held in January 2012 was a novel training for most members of JCI Curepipe. Though the idea of having a strategic planning session had been floating around for some time, it was the first time that it was going to take place.

The original idea of having a two day training session had slowly evolved into a two day residential training with a team bonding integrated. This was how on a bright sunny morning, several members of JCI Curepipe found themselves in Baie du Tombeau, for the first event of the year. The training was provided by Senator Patrice Ferriere, a legend in JCI Curepipe, known for his straight talk and his no nonsense attitude.

Straight from the beginning, the training delivered up to its promise, as Senator Patrice bombarded those present with thought provoking questions. For those attending, there was sometimes the feeling of trying to cross a landmine; there was no idea when it could explode. However, as the day progressed, we all began to see the point of the session. For many of us, the concept if JCI was limited to a short term vision and goals. As we listened and understood where the organization was headed, and outlined a plan for the coming three years, we saw the opportunities and understood truly our worth in the organization. Senator Patrice outlined all the opportunities, the career paths that we as members should be eager to tread.

The training session was followed by a team bonding event, where each member was assigned a particular team, in charge of a particular task. It was a real treat, to see members in the kitchen, making salad and garlic bread, while others prepared the tables outside and our local secretary took his place behind the grill. Dinner was a merry affair, as everyone unwound after a hard day’s work, and ate to their heart’s content. Credit goes to the local secretary who kept up with the demand of all these hungry stomachs, and provided delicious food for all, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Following dinner, the boys took turns to dive into the pool, while all the ladies sat down for a very long session of information, which some may call gossip. Everyone then trooped up to their room in true JCI Curepipe style, which of course included lots of noise, chatter and laughter, and it was only once everyone was in their room that peace reigned again on the hotel of Baie du Tombeau, interrupted only briefly by a few snores.

The next day started off naturally with breakfast, and it was amusing to watch as members walked down, some bleary eyed and sleep walking, others cheery, with a spring in their step. Hard work started just after breakfast, as Senator Patrice arrived and started the session after a brief chat with the members. On this day, the goal was to write the actual action plan document, and everyone got to work seriously after eating, and soon we saw the action plan take shape, both on paper and in our minds, under the trainer’s watchful eye.

The strategic planning session was a well-planned and coordinated event, and the efforts of the Project Director and his team members really paid off as everyone learned new things, and discovered themselves during two well spent days.

Darshini Servansingh

2012 JCI Curepipe Vice President (Corporate Social Responsibility)


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