Recruitment: The Quandary between Quantity and Quality

30 Mar

JCI Mauritius, like all other JCI organizations worldwide, was in 2011 put in front of a challenge: either each Local Organization has at least 50 members by December 2013 or else… “Close down!”

The news shook the JCI community in Mauritius, the more so since recruitment had been limping its way forward over the recent years in an attempt to catch up with the other JCI activities. The growth rates of the various Local organizations in Mauritius may be testimony of this and as is the average growth rate of JCI Curepipe, our own Organization, over the past years.

2012 in JCI Curepipe started with a challenge, backed by the success of having been recognized as having the Best Local Recruitment Program in Mauritius in 2011… The objective of 2012 was to start off where 2011 ended, a tough task which, we humbly accept, we did not achieve…

The Quandary of recruitment in JCI however seems to be one existing in different countries… Should we recruit young people massively, as if engulfing everyone coming out of a University classroom or from the gates of a supermarket? Or should we be choosy about whom we want in our midst? Should we concentrate only on reaching the “magical 50” or focus on the mission of our Organization and on improving the quality of our projects, letting our actions speak for us, thereby attracting quality new members… In other words, should we play safe and be safe now, or accept to be pressurized but maintain our ethics and duties towards the vision which we have set, namely to “To be the leading global network of young active citizens”, where emphasis is put on “young” and “active”.

Recruitment however, is but one step in having a global network of young active citizens… In JCI Curepipe, a recruitment strategy has been brainstormed and discussed at length, and implementation has started since February 2012. And the strategy is simple… It’s about recruiting ONLY those who show commitment and dedication to the Organization. We could recruit many Aspiring Members, but we will also leave the door open for those who do not feel at ease or for those whom we feel do not fit in our organization. And once recruited, ALL aspiring members would be invited not only to participate in (some) JCI events but also to fully espouse the culture of JCI for them to be successful in the organization… Many have come, done a few things but then left because they felt like round pegs in square holes (or vice versa), and we accept that this is something likely to continue…

In 2012, recruitment at JCI Curepipe would be about looking for new members who would be a valuable addition to the JCI family, aptitude-wise, but also attitude-wise, as in the end, we need to realize we are one family with one way of thinking and one mission: to create positive change in society. So, if you are approached with an invitation to join JCI Curepipe, you should already feel proud, because you will know, deep in your heart, that someone thinks highly enough of you to invite you, to be part of that network working, to change the World…

2012 JCI Curepipe Recruitment Director


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