2012 JCI Curepipe President’s Message

30 Mar

Dear Members, Senators and Aspiring Members,

2012 has seen JCI Curepipe in Action in several sectors.
In February we have provided a day out to the residents of the “Sainte Coeur de Marie Residential Home” on a Sunday at the Flic en Flac Beach with Project Director Vida and her team. You can see on their faces the smile and joy felt by everyone present on that day.
Before that at the end of January, with the help of Project Director Nazim and his team, JCI Curepipe sat down during a week-end to think on the way forward for the 3 coming years during a very fruitful strategic planning session animated by Senator Patrice FERRIERE. From this session, JCI Curepipe decided to concentrate on environmental projects and already committees are working towards this objective, using the JCI Active Citizen Framework to analyse the needs of the community and partner with key organizations to create that long-term positive impact.
In March, JCI Curepipe Individual Development in Action has seen the accomplishment of several actions. Frederic Boudan and JCI Trainer Nazim Hansye delivered 2 sessions on Mastering Financial Accounting for non-accountants, and we have more trainings lined up before the end of the month. JCI Curepipe also organized a grooming session to prepare its members for the JCI Mauritius National Public Speaking Competition.
Community Development has also been blooming in the month of March. During the Visit of Vice President Takor Takor where members of JCI Curepipe hosted him for lunch and dinner, JCI Curepipe went to negociate a partnership with COATS (Mauritius) LTD for the 2012 edition of the Health Campaign. We are also talking to Deutsche Bank and other potential Partners for our upcoming projects for the year 2012. Men Against Violence, a project of WIN hosted by JCI Curepipe also won an award at the “THIRD ANNUAL SOUTHERN AFRICA GENDER JUSTICE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT REGIONAL SUMMIT AND AWARDS”, and will be representing Mauritius at the regional summit in South-Africa.
We have many more actions lining up for the coming months, and I am sure the 30+ members who attended our last members meeting reading this will help create that positive impact we want to achieve in our communities. Many have said it before, but I believe it should be said again, JCI is a wonderful school of life! I have learned a lot about leadership and man management during my time as JCI member which I have been able to apply to my professional life. As National Vice-President Prashant shared earlier this year from forbes, volunteering is a great way to learn real executive leadership:

But JCI also provides to all of you a wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact and bring positive change to our community. 2011 JCI President said: “As we transition to a new year and to new leadership, I encourage all JCI members to reflect on the accomplishments we have made in 2011 and think on how we can enhance these projects and build on the successes to make 2012 even better.”
As 2011 JCI President mentioned in his final address which I highly recommend all of you to read on, “All JCI members strive to change the world”.
I look forward to seeing all of you strive to bring that positive change we all believe in and, as our 2012 JCI President says, “Turn your Passion into Action”!

Jacques David Commarmond
2012 Local President
JCI Curepipe (Mauritius)


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