2011 JCI Curepipe – Best New Member

30 Mar

When I sat down to listen to the recruitment presentation in February 2011, I had no idea what to expect from the JCI. I was only present thanks to my cousin, who had previously attended the Catamaran event the previous December. Of course, he knew what he was getting into, while I had just received a brief explanation in the car. After the presentation, I attended my first ever JCI Curepipe event, the team bonding at Klondike beach, Flic en Flac. The day of games, and fun changed the perception I had in my mind about the organization, and amongst the laughing crowd at the barbecue, is where my JCI fever started.

From that day on, there was no looking back, and I found myself participating actively in trainings, social projects and of course the ubiquitous parties. From being an attendee, to being part of the organizing team, I went through all the requisite stages, and that is how in September 2011, I found myself standing up with other aspiring members, about to take the leap from being an aspiring member to a member. In the midst of JCI, I have always felt that I belong, since that first day at Klondike, as a shy and somewhat reluctant new member. There have been ups and downs, but the good times have by far outweighed the less good. Never have I felt, since joining the organization that I had been left to face my ordeals alone. There has always been the helping hand of a more experienced member, who has been there and done that, ready to pull me through.

As a member, all that is expected of us is that we participate. Participation is really the key word. Each member’s participation, be it a newly ordained member, or an experienced member is what makes the organization run smoothly. I understood early on, that participation does not only help the organization, but the member as well. It is only by willingly participating that I managed to meet and form bonds with so many people, some bonds which will probably to last for lifetime.

Winning the best new member award for the year 2011 was really the icing on the cake for me, as each and every one of my experiences with JCI have been enriching and fulfilling ones. Whatever duties assigned to me, they have rarely felt like work, more like fun experiences which have been part what the corporate world refers to as a ‘growing curve’.
JCI offers us multiple opportunities; it is a platform which opens us to a new world of possibilities. We only need to know not to let these chances pass us by. Since joining a year ago, I have gone to being an aspiring member to a member of the local board of JCI Curepipe, and I can only hope that this is just the beginning of my career.

Darshini Servansingh
2012 JCI Curepipe Vice President (Corporate Social Responsibility)


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