2011 JCI Curepipe Team Bonding – Nature Walk

04 May

2011 kicked off for JCI Curepipe’s members with a great Team Bonding Event where we all took the opportunity to start off the year as a big family and get to know each other better. As project director, this year I wanted to bring on board some new concepts for this team bonding project:
Assign all the key tasks to Aspiring members who in turn would get groomed in their specific tasks by 2 or 3 experienced members. As young active professionals, aspiring members already have a certain experience in life that they can apply in JCI. By doing this, the idea was for aspiring members to get involved right from the start and feel as part of the team. This was also an opportunity of meeting, grooming and learning directly from experienced members, and also show their ability to take on responsibilities as young active new members of JCI in a light and interesting project before taking on more responsibilities as the year proceeds.
Aspiring members were encouraged to personally invite JCI Curepipe Members. This allowed aspiring members to get acquainted with more experienced members, and also for the experienced members to personally get to know the new aspiring members. This would help to establish the personal contact and relationships that will be required throughout the year to be able to work as a team in order to achieve the different planned projects.

The team bonding event itself was divided in 2 parts:
An eventful treasure hunt combined with a nature walk in the Black River Gorges National Park under the responsibility of Aspiring Members Girish and Heveen.
Beach Activities followed by a BBQ under the responsibility of Aspiring Members Ravish and Weenela.
Both activities saw the participation of more than 30 active JCI Curepipe members and both activities were a big success indeed!

The Treasure Hunt / Nature Walk

After an eventful deliberation about items to be collected, after discovering the ingenuity of our members at “inventing” new objects (best award I believe should go to our 2009 Local President Deepti here-after animating the debate), after seeing our dear Pravish devote himself to take a bath for the sake of his team (here-after), I have to say, when it comes down to team players and coming up with ideas and solutions, JCI Curepipe rocks!

The Beach / BBQ

Set on the beach of Flic en Flac, the beach activities and BBQ again saw the participation of more than 30 people, members, aspiring members and JCI friends. Led by Zubin, several beach games were carried out, like the tug of war, throw and catch of eggs, racing in “Sac Gonnee”, etc… All these activities were aimed at getting members to know each other, work in pairs or in teams, but were also great fun to watch and participate in!

Open 2011 JCI Curepipe Team Bonding 360° Virtual Tour

Winners of the different competitions all got medals, and after all this INTENSE physical effort, all were treated to BBQ and drinks till late night in the legendary JCI Curepipe spirit of PR Events 🙂

The team bonding ended with a pleasant surprise in the celebration of the birthday of myself and 2011 Local Vice President Karen and we both shared a delicious chocolate cake 🙂

All in all, it was a very good, satisfying and gratifying project, and I wish to thank everybody who have worked on or participated in the different activities and helped to make this event one to remember!


Jacques David Commarmond
2011 JCI Curepipe Team Bonding Project Director
2011 JCI Curepipe Vice-President (Business)


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