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04 May

Leading without a title…

Portrait of Sabrina Hanoomanjee

Some of you reading this article must have surely read the book entitled “Leading without a title” by Robin Sharma. One of the best inspirational books I have ever read, I must say…for those of you who haven’t read this yet, get hold of it now!! You won’t regret having read it…

The book tells us about a young chap who goes about finding inspiration from a total stranger, who happens to bring out the best in himself and making him realise that just by being yourself and by being in faithful in ordinary things, success will come your way in extraordinary ways…

I guess what most young people of today are doing wrong is that they want to get to the top too quickly…In so doing, they miss all the most important joys of life…and they don’t allow themselves to grow into their full potential. Before a flower blooms, it needs to go through rainfall, sunshine, growth and all those important stages…If only we, as young people just slowed down and enjoyed the petty things in life without wanting to have titles, recognitions or awards…As long as you are faithful to the ordinary things, then extraordinary things will come your way automatically…

What I am trying to say here is that success does not come through trial and error or just because you did one thing right. Success comes with knowing that you did your very best even if at the end of the day, you lost a battle. The fact that you allowed yourself to grow and that you faced difficulties with courage is success in itself. As soon as you realize this then you will for sure win all future battles that come your way…

JCI allows us to grow and to bloom into a beautiful flower. There are good times, but there are also bad times…there are challenges, fights and obstacles, but there are also opportunities and growth. It’s up to us to seize these opportunities and live them plentifully.

2010 was a great year for me. It allowed me to work on several projects and to strengthen that personal confidence in myself. 2010 was a year of realising the potentials that I had inside…and that was an achievement in itself. Just like your muscles grow stronger the more you exercise them, the same goes for your talents and skills, they grow better the more you practice them. JCI offers you that platform of being who you are and being what you want to be…it’s all about creating positive change within yourself first, then bringing this same spirit to others around you…just like a flower that is given the right amount of water and is given the appropriate care, grows and becomes the most beautiful thing that stands out in a garden of flowers…so give yourself time to grow and learn, it’s only then that you will realise your full potential.

As surprised as I was, the best member 2010 award was given to me by 2010 JCI Curepipe Local President, Prashant Lallah last December 2010…that was the overall icing on the cake. Thanks to the JCI Curepipe family who has given me the chance of becoming who I am today…the award however is not only mine, it’s for you all, because you have all contributed in helping me bloom to my full potential.

Remember the “Lead without a title” philosophy…it’s all about realising your full potential with the gifts that have been bestowed onto you and having faith in yourself and believing that you can bloom into a beautiful flower through patience and perseverance. Once you realize this, success and titles will come naturally.

Humbly yours,


Sabrina Hanoomanjee
2010 JCI Curepipe Best Member


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