2011 JCI Mauritius National Public Speaking Competition‏

04 May

To stir the people toward the establishment of a permanent and everlasting peace”, strong words of JCI Founder Henry Giessenbier, was the selected topic for the 2011 Public Speaking Competition.

We were 14 JCI members on that Saturday morning of 19th February 2011 trying our best to push forward our views on the above theme. I was also happy to have as competitors, two of my fellow JCI Curepipe colleagues, Sabrina and Nirvana. We were highly motivated to be representing our local organisation.

The competition started with a brief by the Project Director David Commarmond and presentation of the jury panel. All participants were then invited to wait outside the presentation room where a draw was done and numbers assigned to all. Participant Number 1 was then called and the competition started. I have to admit that the waiting period seemed to be everlasting …

The Preparation

As per good practice for any competition, it is always wise to get yourself well prepared. The Public Speaking Competition was an opportunity for me to make sure that my message of peace goes through with an impact.

With this objective in mind, thousands of ideas flew by and I was excited and eager to be given a platform to express myself. With Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Coluche and many more peace activists as my sources of inspiration, it was quite easy to frame up my views.

Back to the Competition Day

Still in my thoughts of how I would stir people towards everlasting peace, it was already my turn and at that particular moment, my heartbeats were racing.

I told myself, “C’mon Lenita, it’s finally your chance to fight your views and to make an impact.”

With a deep breath, I started my speech and let me tell you that finding your audience reacting with nods of approvals, definitely gives you a boost.

Results Announcements

For any competition, when the time comes to announce the winners, you are always keen to know who are the lucky ones…

The 2nd Runner Up was announced, it was Sabrina Hanoomanjee from JCI Curepipe and there was a big cheer and round of applause from the audience. The 1st Runner Up position was taken by Prithvy Roy Teeluck.

And to my surprise, “ the Winner of the JCI Mauritius Public Speaking Competition is… Lenita Sooknah!!! ”.

The crowd went into an uproar, members of JCI Curepipe had once again excelled, it was such a great achievement to know that you were able to make an impact.


Congratulations to all the participants for taking up the challenge and for voicing out their views.

And a big applause to the Project Director, David Commarmond, and his team for a well organised competition.

Special thanks also goes to all JCI Curepipe members for their continuous support and presence on the day.

Special Message

We should ensure that the Public Speaking theme is translated into actions. Stirring people towards peace is a challenging task but definitely not an impossible one. Even our small daily actions can inspire people towards peace. As a message to you all people, let me quote a Quacker peace activist, Gene Hoffman: “Peace making is a healing process and it begins with me but it does not end there”.

Taking up bits and pieces from my speech I would say that we are Young, Dynamic and Active citizens. Why not do the positive change together and boost the world to take the peaceful route!!! If, We can do it, Why wait for others to do it?

Can that be our personal promise to at least do one peaceful act per day?

Lenita Sooknah

Winner of 2011 JCI Mauritius National Public Speaking Competition
2011 JCI Curepipe Secretary


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