The Art of Negotiation

24 Sep

In line with its Business Development Program, JCI Curepipe organised a training based on negotiation skills on the 19th March 2011 at the Helvetia Youth Centre in Moka.

Being young professionals, we find ourselves in daily situations whereby we have to negotiate. Be it at the market, shops or even at work for a salary increase for example. The objective of this training was not to only arm our members with the skills required for negotiating but also to make them realise that negotiation is first and foremost all about compromise, therefore aiming for a win-win situation.

At the beginning of this project, my team and I were very enthusiastic about having the chance to work on such an interesting training. But since this was my first project as Project Director, I was feeling a bit stressed with the responsibility. This was soon eased off after I saw the motivation and dedication in the eyes of my fellow team members.

Everything was going according to plan; we had our trainer, we identified and booked the venue, we accounted for snacks and beverages, all logistics were available. As soon as the booking procedure was open and we started getting a very good response and we already knew that everything would be fine. The training was open to all JCI Members and guests.

The training was presented by 2007 JCI Curepipe Local President Nessen Ramsamy, who wholeheartedly shared his knowledge of negotiation skills with us.

All the attendees were divided in groups of 4 or 5 and the training started with an interactive game to evaluate the negotiating skills of the different groups. After the game, the trainer analysed each team’s output and gave his analysis on the outcomes and made us realise the basics of negotiation.

The second part of this training was more theoretical and was followed by an animated and interesting roleplaying game. For this last part of the training, the attendees were divided into 4 groups and each 2 groups had to negotiate a deal with each other whilst making sure to be profitable and the win-win principle along with compromise was applied.

The training turned out to be a success and also very fruitful by providing the participants with the understanding and the tools needed to strike a deal. All those who attended left with a different state of mind and sharpened negotiating skills.

Deepika Ramkoosalsing
Project Director


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