Newsletter Editor’s Message

24 Sep

Dear Readers,

Once more, it is with immense pleasure that I was given the opportunity to work on the Second Edition of the Jaycee Eye Newsletter 2011. This edition of the newsletter has been subject to various delays due to unforseen circumstances but yet, here it is.

Since the beginning of the year, our members have been fully involved in the community through various projects. We will have a look through the wonderful day spent at the Icery Shelter in Forest Side and also the Health Campaign 2011 (Blood Donation) which was held at Pailles. We will also find an interesting article about the United Nations Global Compact, a JCI Mauritius Project which is chaired by the National Secretary, Kiran Bhujun and directed by Veenandi Luximon.

A huge thank you to my team, Kiran, Darshini and Nishta and all the persons who contributed writing the wonderful and inspiring articles, without which there wouldn’t have been this newsletter issue.

I wish you a pleasant time reading through the newsletter and remain at your disposal for suggestions and comments.

Yudish Ramsaha
2011 Jaycee Eye Newsletter Editor
2011 JCI Curepipe Local Vice-President


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