JCI Mauritius National President’s Message

24 Sep

Dear Members of JCI Curepipe,

I am happy to appear again in the second edition of the newsletter of JCI Curepipe.

I will seize this opportunity to congratulate the Local President, the Immediate Past President and all the members for the two awards that your Local Organization won during the Africa & Middle East Conference in Bamako, Mali. It was indeed a privilege for me to go on stage and to proudly take these awards to Mauritius.

Our world is nowadays facing a lot of challenges in different spheres of life. And the key solution is to gear our projects towards community development. JCI has a special consultative status with the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations and with such a strategic partner, JCI is putting emphasis on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Using the MDGs as markers, we will have the possibilities to implement projects that are relevant to our society, bring constructive and sustainable solutions towards community development and also create an impact. Our members will also beneficiate as they will be groomed as active citizens sharing collective responsibilities.

The second quarter of JCI Mauritius has been rich with innovations. The launching of TOYP for its 25 years under the leadership of Local Vice President Karen Malliate from JCI Curepipe, has been a real success as well as the media campaign to fellow the nominees. In the same vein, JCI SRC has been launched and two projects have been initiated namely the National Fund Raising as well as an audacious project regarding the UN Global Compact under the respective Chair of National Treasurer Sandhya Gopaul and National Secretary Kiran Bhujun.

Our goal is to continue to empower our network with responsibilities and to provide our members an arena where they can expand their innovative ideas.

I wish JCI Curepipe all the best for the remaining six months and I am sure that you will seize all opportunities to create a positive change. And in unity we will impact the world.

Ryad Subratty
2011 JCI Mauritius National President


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