Health Campaign 2011 – Take Care Lepep

24 Sep

Community Development being one of the main areas of opportunity at JCI, this year JCI Curepipe is organizing its second edition of the Heath campaign under the theme of ‘Take Care Lepep’. The main objective of this campaign is to create awareness towards healthy living among the general public. This health campaign focuses on health issues like Thalassaemia, nutrition, dental care, diabetes, breast cancer and AIDS among others.

In this view, the region of Pailles has been targeted to carry out several health related activities such as blood donation  events, awareness sessions and sensitization campaigns to subsequently enable vulnerable people of that region to benefit to the maximum.

The JCI Curepipe Health Club is a sharing platform where the JCI members will be able to share tips and tricks on healthy living, good and bad eating habits and also keep you informed about the different activities that will be organized in regards to the Health Campaign and to Health Club activities. For example, updates on activities such as swimming courses, cycle races, trekking, awareness sessions, talks and yoga amongst others. I will sincerely encourage each and every one of you to visit the website.

JCI Curepipe Health Club:

Another activity that has been organised was a blood donation targeted towards the corporates in the vicinity of Pailles on the 14th July 2011. The event took place int he yard of our partner, J&P Coats (Mauritius) Ltd. We received more than 90 donors who came to donate their blood and we were able to collect a total of 62 pints of blood. Collecting so many pints was above our expectations and the success of this event can be brought to the collaboration between JCI Curepipe and J&P Coats (Mauritius) Ltd. and our other partners uDesign Ltd., the Blood Donors Association and the Ministry of Health and Quality of life.

Stay tuned for the upcoming events of the Health Campaign 2011. Let’s bring about the positive change.

Take Care Lepep!

Hashama Cooloo
2011 Health Campaign Project Director
2011 JCI Curepipe Vice-President (Community Development)


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