Financial Freedom by Senator Danielle Wong

24 Sep

Members arrived bright and early on the day of the training on Financial Freedom at the Helvetia Youth Centre. Despite some grumblings about the early hour, of which I readily admit myself guilty, members and aspiring members arrived with enthusiasm. After all, it was not every day that the founder of JCI Curepipe, Senator Danielle Wong, would be sharing her knowledge and experience with us.

The training was soon under way, and the fun began. Interactivity seemed to be the key word, and few of those attending were silent. Dialogues and discussions were the order of the day, as the Senator explained and warned us against the dangers of uncontrolled finances. The more she spoke, the more I could see the eyes of my peers widen in realisation, and soon everyone was focused not only on what was being said, but also on how it could be implemented in everyday life. The wheels were turning in my head, and more than once, I found myself staring at the Senator, wondering if she was talking specifically about me. The vivid everyday examples were so close to things I and certainly many of us experienced on a daily basis.  The more we progressed into the training, and the more I felt myself drawn to our orator, as she described a situation that could have jumped right out of my life. From the looks and nods around me, I realised that this did not only apply to me, but to a lot of us who were present on that day.

Then came my favourite part of the training: we were each asked to prepare a list, stating what we had, and what else we wished to have. All the heads were bent above the sheets as everyone scribbled furiously. As I looked at my own list, I realised that I wanted more things than I already have. I wondered briefly if that meant I was a greedy person before soon realising that I had forgotten to mention some very important things that I already had.  After we completed our lists, Danielle picked a few of us randomly and asked us to share what we had written. I was slightly anxious about being picked, but as I heard my peers reading their lists, I was heartened, and soon all tension was gone as I laughed with the rest. As I heard my friends count their blessings, I realised that the whole point of this exercise was to make us realise that we did not necessarily enjoy what we have, always craving for more instead.

The training by Senator Danielle Wong was a wakeup call more than anything else, and it made us realise the dangers of not looking where we tread. I certainly learnt a lot of things that day, and I can only hope that I will never forget these lessons.

Darshini Servansingh
Team Member of Financial Freedom Training


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