CIM Ride, Run, and Walk for Charity Event

24 Sep

In its quest to be a good role model for the community and to support noble causes, members and friends from JCI Curepipe gathered for another consecutive year to participate in the CIM Ride, Run, and Walk for Charity Event which was held on Sunday 8th May at the Mont Choisy Beach. The funds raised through this event were donated to the SACIM Association to allow 8 inoperable children in Mauritius to be able to have the appropriate medical treatment abroad.

So, on this early Sunday morning, members, friends, participants, supporters were all present at the meeting point on Mont Choisy Beach. As I reached closer to the beach that day, I remember that I could feel the excitement brewing seeing the enthusiastic participants and supporters. There was a great atmosphere of fun, friendship and togetherness which cheered everyone.

The previous year, JCI Curepipe had sent a team of 5 cyclists to the event. But for this second edition, JCI Curepipe was represented in 2 categories; the 40 km Cycle Race and the 7.8 km Walk.

All proudly wearing their JCI Curepipe colours through their custom made jerseys, David, Arvind, Prashant, Frederic, Roshan and Sabrina represented the JCI family in the 40 km cycle race. After cheering and encouraging our cyclists’ friends, it was time for the start for the race. They they up to the starting line and started the race at 08:30. We would not hear from them until they complete the race. It was now our turn, the walkers, to get ready.

Lenita,Zubin, Girish, Yudish, Hashama, Nazim and myself headed for the 7.8 km walk starting line and few minutes later, we started the walk. We route was set through the neighbouring coastal villages and back to the Mont Choisy Beach. The route took us down the beautiful villages of Triolet, Pointe aux Piments and Trou aux Biches along which we enjoyed beautiful scenery and at the same time being encouraged by the local inhabitants all way through. The walk was brilliant from the start to the finish and we didn’t feel the hardship even though the sun was at its peak and that the heat unbearable. Our only motivation was the fact that we were doing it for a good cause.


At around 11:00, we reached the finishing line, where we met our cyclists friends who had also brilliantly completed their race. We had some refreshments and attended the closing ceremony whereby a total sum of Rs. 250,000 was donated to the SACIM Association.

If by giving up a few hours of sleep on that Sunday morning meant that we have helped for such a noble cause, then we can’t think of a better reason to have walked/cycled these few kilometers. We were all delighted and there was a sentiment of fulfilment amongst the group to have contributed to such a cause and event.

To end this day beautifully we all headed for some beach food, drinks and fun.

In this same spirit, we look forward to the next CIM Finance Charity Event.

Veenandi Luximon
CIM Walk for Charity Participant

I had heard of a JCI cycling team in previous members’ meetings and had seen the photos of past events online. I myself being a cyclist, wanted to be part of this team. Therefore, I joined the JCI Curepipe Cycling Team for the first time in May of this year to participate in the CIM Ride, Run, and Walk for Charity Event where they were participating in the 40Km race.

I was proudly wearing my JCI Curepipe Jersey and I found it a very pleasant experience to be part of this team as there was a really good and friendly atmosphere whereby my JCI Curepipe mates have been encouraging me before and during the race when I found myself amongst the last ones.

We completed the race at around 10:30 and after some refreshments and chit chats near the finishing line, we all agreed to have lunch on the beach itself.
The get together for the lunch was a great moment for us to share together after such a physical effort. I am looking forward for manyh more races and specially for Deutsche Bank 100Km Cycle Tour 2011 under the JCI colors.

Frederic Boudan
CIM Ride for Charity Participant


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