2011 JCI Curepipe President’s Message

24 Sep

Dear Readers,

It is a pleasure to address you once more in the second edition of the Jaycee Eye Newsletter 2011. It’s been six months since the first edition, and these months have flown by in true JCI fashion, full to the brim with exciting projects and events.

As far as Individual Development Programs are concerned, JCI Curepipe organised two trainings in the past months, and both have been very well received by members.One of the achievements of JCI Curepipe, as we all know was the first event of the Health Campaign project, namely a Blood Donation held on the 14th of July 2011 at Pailles that turned out beyond all expectations, and collected a whopping 62 pints of blood. Members and friend alike showed an unparalleled enthusiasm, and it was heart warming to see so many people going out of their way to attend despite the fact that it was not an easy location to reach. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all those who in a way or another helped to organise the event.

The first training was conducted on the 14th of May 2011 by Senator Danielle Wong, on the subjects of Financial Freedom and WHO AM I. When introducing the WHO AM I training, Senator Danielle Wong had insisted that many of those attending would walk out with tears, and even though we were fortunate not to see any tears, it was a moment of introspection for all members, and there was a definite sense of dawning understanding in the eyes of those who were present at the Helvetia Youth Centre early that Saturday morning. The second part of the training concerned financial freedom, and Senator Danielle Wong explained how easy it was to fall victim to commercial traps cleverly laid by institutions to lure potential clients.

The second training was held on Saturday, 2nd of July 2011 and was very aptly titled Accounting Course for Non Accountants. Once again, members braved the early hour, and for a couple of hours, all were equals once more as everyone forgot their own professional aptitudes and concentrated on dealing with numbers, numbers and more numbers. With the help of the two patient trainers, Nazim Hansye and Frederic Boudan, attendees laboured through profit and loss accounts, credits and debits and other terms that until then were confined to a distant memory of having once been studied at school. This training certainly impacted on all attendees, as many were still discussing the concepts afterwards. In fact, there were even requests for follow ups, and we can all hope that Nazim and Frederic will agree to debit our accounting knowledge with some more information.

A very notable, if unexpected addition to the JCI calendar came in the form of a PR event (BBQ Party) on the 11th of June 2011. The event was organised in light of the two international recognitions awarded to JCI Curepipe, for the Best Community Development Program and Best Individual Development Program during the Area A conference held in Bamako, Mali. I would like to seize this opportunity to congratulate the 2010 JCI Curepipe President, Prashant Lallah,  the 2010 JCI Curepipe Vice President (Community Development),  Sandhya Gopaul and the 2010 JCI Curepipe Vice President (Individual Development), Kiran Bhujun as well as all the members and aspiring members who have worked very hard on several projects in order to achieve those awards. It is an honour for the JCI Curepipe to be conferred with such honours, and we can only hope that the JCI Curepipe Flag will continue to fly high in the coming years.

JCI Curepipe also conducted a recruitment presentation on the 11th August 2011, whereby new recruits are encouraged to come up and join the ever growing team, and make their mark in the world. I would seize this opportunity to congratulate and welcome 8 new members in the JCI Curepipe family. They swore in during the World President Banquet held on 6th September 2011, at Four Seasons Resort, Anahita

Let us continue working as a team and together we will IMPACT THE WORLD!

Warm regards,

Arvind Neergheen
2011 JCI Curepipe President


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