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29 Sep

JCI Curepipe’s second PR Event, Catamaran TamTam, was my first project as Project Director. The main objective of this event was to strenghen the bonds between our aspiring members, members and members from other local chapters, but also to act as a tool to promote the identity of JCI Curepipe.

The response for this project exceeded my expectations. At the beginning of the project, my team and myself were having doubts if we would be able to get enough guests to fill up a catamaran but as soon as the booking procedures were open, we soon realised that we would be needing a second catamaran and at one point, we were even thinking about getting a third one. It was a pleasure for us to host 70 guests for the evening, including Senator Karen Smythe from JCI Australia.

The venue of the event was promising, and the event title was mouth-watering. Afterall, an evening on a catamaran, off the very beautiful north coast of Mauritius was something to really look forward to and the start indeed kept all the promises. We boarded at about 5pm and setting sail into the legendary sunset was one of the finest ways to start our journey to a wonderful evening.


Project Director Yudish Ramsaha

The evening had an uninvited guest, some rain, but that hardly dampened the enthusiasm. On the contrary, it only helped to get the party started, with music and dancing to beat the slight wind. Slowly, the dancing turned frantic, the laughter contagious and the pleasure level soared to a max. Some were enjoying the net at the front of the catamaran while others were dancing in queue all round the two catamarans.

The event turned out to be awesome, the snacks and food were great, the drinks were out of this world, the company was the best possible and the whole was an immense success. The project’s name, Catamaran TamTam, lived up to itself and I am sure that all those who were present will cherish this evening.

Yudish Ramsaha
Project Director Catamaran Tamtam


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