National Debating Competition and other events

29 Sep

The National Debating Competition was held in March 2010. JCI Curepipe was the only chapter that was represented by two teams, which both competed against each other in the final round of the debate. Six teams: 1 from JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill, JCI City Plus, JCI Port Louis and JCI Quatre-Bornes respectively and 2 from JCI Curepipe – participated in the competition. The jury panel was made up of Senator A. Kaidoo (chairman), Mrs. D. Nundlall, Mr. B. Vyapooree and Senator A. Anodin. Congratulations to the winning team from JCI Curepipe consisting of Sabrina Hanoomanjee, Sandhya Gopaul, Kiran Bhujun and Arvind Neergheen. The runner-up team consisted of Karen Malliate, Priscilla Iranah, Astha Soniah and Deepika Ramkoosalsing.

National Debating Competition

JCI Curepipe was also present and involved in National Projects namely the IVP Dinner in April, the National Best Business Plan Competition and the Fellowship Night to be held on Friday 1st October 2010.

IVP DinnerIVP DinnerIVP Dinner

National Best Business PlanNational Best Business PlanNational Best Business Plan

A “JCI Admin” programme was held last 5th June 2010 and members of JCI Curepipe participated in the training which was done by Senator Karen Smythe…she is a certified head trainer for many JCI Official courses such as JCI Achieve, JCI Trainer and JCI Admin.

In March 2010, JCI Mauritius had the pleasure to welcome the World President Roland Kwemain. In his address to all JCI Mauritius members, he placed emphasis on the Impact of One and how we can make a difference in our community, in our country and in the world.

World President Visit


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