JOY – Joie de Vivre Universelle

29 Sep

“Joie de Vivre Universelle” is a registered NGO, an organisation setup by Mrs Uma Sooben-Arnauld, in 2008. The purpose of this organisation is to help patients mainly children who suffer from mental deficiencies. The main project is to set up a structure with suitable facilities to offer necessary therapy to patients. As at 1999, there were more than 6000 children in Mauritius that needed special education, but unfortunately there is no suitable structure to cater for them. Mrs Sooben has grown in popularity through the media and her many undertakings to raise funds for a good cause.

JCI Curepipe contacted Mrs Sooben at the beginning of the year to help her find suitable funds for her initiative. JCI Curepipe responded positively. In her quest to raise funds for this initiative, Mrs Sooben became a JCI Curepipe friend. Some members of JCI Curepipe visited her at the beginning of the year in order to find out what can be done to help her.

In the course of the months and with the help of Pravish Ramma, she was able to find CSR funds from Accenture Mauritius.

We wish Mrs Sooben all the best in your many endeavours and JCI Curepipe will continue providing her any support that is within our reach.

Sabrina Hanoomanjee


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