Handisports (Unis Par Le Sport)

29 Sep

JCI Handisport 2010 Athlete Oath TakingThe JCI Curepipe recipe to Annual Community Development Success
Handisport has over the years become the flagship Community Development project of JCI Curepipe. It started in 2005 and this year we celebrated its fifth annual edition. The theme of Handisports this year was “UNIS PAR LE SPORT”, to celebrate once again the principle of Unity in life. The event took place on Sunday 22 August 2010 and was the occasion for JCI Curepipe to welcome some 100 participants, with the support and faith of main sponsor, Deutsche Bank (Mauritius) Ltd.
The event, as for all previous years, had as objectives:
1.To provide a recreational sporting opportunity for handicapped children and adults as well as a platform where these people can improve their co-ordination and skills, show their abilities and in so doing, foster potential talented athletes for international competitions.
2.To promote the spirit of fair competition/ team-spirit and to create the importance of unity and harmony within all the types of handicaps.
3.To reduce the disparity gap between handicapped and non handicapped children/adults in our society by giving equal chances and opportunities; and
4.To encourage parents and the public at large to be part of this sporting activity together with the children
The story behind every one of the Handisports events is however similar, though unique: it lies on the solid foundation of friendship and trust. This one too started off nearly the same way.
This project was initiated in June 2010 by a call for members and the constitution of a team. The idea this year was to bring innovation and this was made easy by those who volunteered to join the team. Only two members had previously worked on a Handisport project. The different backgrounds and views created a unique synergy and passion to achieve the set goal.

JCI Curepipe Handisport 2010 Athletes and Mascot

The team has major planning ahead to do, and started it all with a brainstorming session on the possible way forward. In this brainstorming, several areas of concern were discussed, namely:
1.Financial implications
2.Innovative measures
4.Management of field & track events
5.Marketing & Communication
6.Participation and staffing
Hon. Mrs Leela Devi DOOKUN-LUCHOOMUNEach area represented a challenge in itself and it was therefore decided to break each one of them down and analyze the detailed implications. Having gathered data from various sources, the team then analyzed the context in which it was and the challenges ahead.
A budget was established and a list of all requirements was elaborated. This allowed the Team to know the kind of sponsorship to look for, from prospective sponsors. Several companies were identified and the task of contacting them was distributed among team mates.
Feelers were also sent to the sponsors of the previous edition and the team was lucky to secure the trust of Deutsche Bank (Mauritius) Ltd for the second year running. Team members also secured other sponsorships, from others who wanted to be part of this grand event.
Planning of the project was an important component in its implementation. Objectives and target dates were set and it was discussed how these could be met. At this stage a Gantt chart for the event was created. This helped the whole team have a clearer view of the tasks to be accomplished as well as the proposed target for each of these tasks. Each task was assigned to one or several team members with given timelines so that critical paths were not overlooked.
Furthermore, a communication plan was devised to ensure that the event receive media coverage. The rationale behind the development of a communication plan for the organization of the Handisport event was to inform and persuade the target audience to attend the event and to bring their families, friends and other acquaintances so that the event achieves its mission. The Team was again lucky and obtained the sponsorship of Radio One for the airing of a spot three times a day, over the last week before the event. This ensured that our message reaches the target audience in the desired way so that the mission of the project is achieved.

JCI Curepipe Handisport 2010 Wheel Chair Race

On the event day, tasks were again distributed among Team members and members of JCI. Some had to register participants, others were distributing t-shirts, bags and juice packs, others still were scheduled to distribute lunch-packs. Main sponsor, Deutsche Bank (Mauritius) Ltd was represented in numbers too. The Chief Country Officer of Deutsche Bank (Mauritius) Ltd, Mr. Mike Bird was one of the Guest of Honour, and several of its staff members were among the active helping hands on the tracks.

JCI Curepipe MascotsJCI Curepipe Handisport 2010 Athlete

All the results were recorded in an official result sheet in such a way to be able to validate the performances of athletes and any records.
The event was attended by the National President, Mr Eric Martial, several National Board members and several other Local Presidents and members of various JCI chapters. Winners of each event was offered medals, though the most vivid memory will remain the smile of a child, walking on clutches, and finishing a 100m race, may be for the first time of her life.
Handisport 2010 has come and has gone, but it has left behind very valuable lessons. It has helped in making JCI Members better citizens; it has enhanced the management skills of team members while demonstrating that JCI is a powerful crowd-puller and unifier in society.
Every Mauritian deserves to be part and parcel of society and thus, should not be ignored whatsoever. Unfortunately, the handicapped community of Mauritius sometimes feels neglected, and JCI Curepipe is proud to have brought a smile on the face of many a child this year again.

JCI Curepipe Handisport 2010 Team


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