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29 Sep

SabrinaDear readers,
Yet another edition of the Jaycee Eye relating another brilliant job done by JCI Curepipe during these past months. This edition focuses on the various projects done by JCI Curepipe and the involvement of members in various projects and events.

Two focal projects completed in July and August 2010 were the Health Campaign with Sandhya Gopaul as Project Director and the Annual Handisport with Arvind Neergheen as Project Director, which were both successful. These projects saw the participation of members as well as aspiring members, to build up stronger ties and the spirit of brotherhood. The outcome and result of these projects saw the swearing-in of new members into the JCI Curepipe Family. Welcome to Kevin Soopramanien, Hashama Cooloo, Lenita Sooknah, Zubin Sooknah, Arvind Kureeman and Vanessa Boodoo. May I extend my sincere congratulations to them and wish them a bright career with JCI. Lenita Sooknah gives us her personal thoughts and relates to us her JCI experience, see  “I Swear”

In this edition, we also have an interesting article by Nessen Ramsamy, our recruitment director about our recruitment strategy which seems to be working perfectly since January. Finally, we also have an article by our Individual Development VP Kiran Bhujun about the various trainings organized this year by JCI Curepipe.

JCI Curepipe has this year reached another milestone, and has reached new heights by attaining the CSR Accreditation from the National Empowerment Fund. Special thanks for this goes to the 2010 board members for their hard work for the constant chasing work done by VP Kiran Bhujun. This without doubt will help JCI Curepipe in all future endeavors in easing the task of chasing for sponsors for various projects.

A special Handiports newsletter edition will soon appear on this e-newsletter page…This yearly adrenaline-boost project of JCI Curepipe has again this year brought hope and joy to some 80 disabled children.

To conclude, I’d like to thank Jacques David Commarmond for his never-ending help and assistance into making this newsletter to be one of a kind…

With these words, enjoy reading and long live the JCI Curepipe family!!

Together we become stronger…

Sabrina Hanoomanjee
2010 JCI Curepipe Newsletter Editor
2010 JCI Curepipe VP (PR and International)


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