Message from 2014 JCI Curepipe President Veenandi

15 Jul

Dear JCI Curepipe members,2014 Local President Veenandi

In JCI we want to be the leading global network of young active citizen. But what does that really mean? To me it means we are people who care about our communities, we care about the people around us and we care about our future together. And you?

2014 marks an important year in the history of JCI Curepipe as we celebrate the 30 years of impact and achievement in Mauritius together with JCI Port- Louis co-founder of our wonderful organization which is JCI Mauritius. 

Since its inception in 1984, JCI Curepipe has continued to grow through innovative projects. JCI Curepipe has years of deeds and projects to show off but the most amazing feat is its ability to maintain its fresh and upbeat approach and philosophy.  It is the members who have successfully maintained the tradition of openness, dedication, fellowship, laughter, fun and professionalism all mixed up in projects for the community and personal leadership development.

Dear members, our organization is still as relevant as it was 30 years ago when a small group of young active citizens have dared to dream and act to create positive change.  As our organization continues to evolve in a changing world, it is clear that we should adapt and evolve with these changes while keeping in mind our mission to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create sustainable positive change in our community by uniting all sectors of the society.  There is no magic formula to the success and sustainability of our organization. Over the years, we have known the glorious moments and we cherish these memories as we evolve as a family. We did face our fair share of challenges too but through combined efforts we moved forward.  With new members joining the organization, innovative and creative ideas, we can simply do our best to make our organization thrive and shine.

I believe JCI Curepipe has a future in Mauritius and a key role to play in creating impact in our community. I believe together as one team JCI Curepipe members can help shape a better future for Mauritius. We only need to be more ambitious, we need to look at where we as members of JCI Curepipe can make a difference in our local communities. We need to make sure that if Mauritius wake up tomorrow without JCI Curepipe, that’s we’d be missed – in our local communities all across the country.

Dear JCI Curepipe members, JCI is an opportunity to further yourself while making a real difference. As thousands of JCI Curepipe alumni with successful and fulfilling careers testify, the best way to invest in yourself and your future is to get involved and contribute as best you can. If you do, then you will find that JCI offers an exceptional opportunity for you to develop your skills, both professional and personal, in a thoroughly enjoyable way.

I quote from our founder member Senator Danielle Wong “Les limites ne sont qu’en esprit. Osez rêver, et vous ferez la  différence de notre organisation de leader.”

2014 JCI Curepipe President Veenandi Luximon

JCI Curepipe 30th Anniversary  – Learn More, Act More, Become More


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