Mastering Your Project Management Skills – Joint Training by JCI Curepipe and JCI Quatre-Bornes

15 Jul

If you find yourself unable to set a SMART goal it is more than likely that your future plans are not clear enough and need to be worked on. And as we all know the famous saying, he who fails to plan, plans to fail.

Project Management

To execute a project successfully one need to have niche project management skills and in this context JCI Curepipe in collaboration with JCI Quatre Bornes, launched the ‘Mastering your Project Management Skills’ programme  which covers project planning, preparing a project brief and implementation of a project by using the JCI Active Citizen framework as a roadmap.


Quatre Bornes Local President Kiran Bhujun who himself is PMP, shared project planning tips and why planning is most critical part of project life cycle. It’s said that 85% of project fails because of poor planning and lack of communication. To avoid unnecessary changes in later part of project, it is important to spend more time planning.  We learned how project planning is often used to organize different areas of a project, including project plans, work loads and the management of teams and individuals. The inputs of the project planning phase include the project charter and the concept proposal. The outputs of the project planning phase include the project requirements, the project schedule, and the project management plan.

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The first module on “Project Planning” was held on the 5th of April. This session regrouped 20 members from our various local organisations and was led by JCI Quatre-Bornes Local President Kiran as trainer. Members benefitted from a fruitful session on project planning where concrete JCI initiatives were referred to as examples to better guide our members when conducting projects.  They also had the opportunity to debate over the challenges encountered during project planning, worked in teams and did a presentation on their respective group discussions.  While it was a great learning and sharing platform, members were also encouraged to network with participants present from the different local organizations and guests thus strengthening the great bond of brotherhood and friendship prevailing in our network. 

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Stay tuned..The next modules are coming soon.

Heveen Kejiou

2014 JCI Curepipe Vice President  / Project Director – Mastering your Project Management Skills

JCI Curepipe 30th Anniversary – Learn More, Act More, Become More


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